Alaska Correctional Officer Jackie Osborne Charged With Sex With Inmate

Alaska Correctional Officer Jackie Osborne Charged With Sex With Inmate
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – A former officer at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center faces a sexual assault charge after authorities claim he had sex with a female inmate.

Jackie Osborne, 47, is accused of having an ongoing relationship with an inmate and was caught in September when he left a love note on a desk after he went off duty, according to documents filed by prosecutors in Anchorage Superior Court today.

“Osborne’s crimes are serious. They strike at the heart of the public trust placed in corrections officers,” said prosecutor James Fayette in court documents. “The public and the Superior Court should regard a crime committed by a peace officer to be atypical — and to be handled in a manner that reflects legitimate public outrage and legitimate public condemnation.”

The victim, a woman in prison for a felony embezzlement conviction, said in an earlier interview that she felt coerced into the relationship with Osborne because he had so much control over her prison life.

“I’m an inmate. He’s a correctional officer. If I told anyone, who were they going to believe?” she said, breaking down into tears during a recent interview.

Osborne no longer works for the Department of Corrections. He resigned in October after Alaska State Troopers began their investigation

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  1. My name is Thomas Osborne Jr. that is my brother Jackie Osborne and i can’t believe that my brother did something like that at the prison he had a good life ahead of him and he screw it all up. I would like to know the outcome of his trail.

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