O.C. Inmate Dies After Scuffle With Deputies

SANTA ANA The Orange County District Attorney’s Office Wednesday was investigating a deadly altercation between sheriff’s deputies and an inmate.

Construction worker Jason Jesus Gomez, 35, of Anaheim, went into a coma after being restrained and stunned with a Taser at the Orange County jail’s Intake-Release Center on March 25. He died April 1.

Gomez, who has a lengthy criminal record, allegedly grabbed a nurse’s arm when she tried to pass medication through an opening into his cell.

Gomez turned himself into the jail on March 19 to serve a 90-day sentence for violating his probation on a marijuana charge.

The District Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Department are withholding a confidential memo regarding the incident, The Orange County Register reported.

In the memo, Sheriff Jack Anderson notified supervisors that, in addition to the district attorney’s investigation, he is hiring private consultant Michael Gennaco to look into the incident, the newspaper reported.

source:  http://cbs2.com/local/Jason.Jesus.Gomez.2.690258.html

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