Correctional officer charged with having sex with inmate

 SOUTH BAY — A 28-year-old officer at South Bay Correctional Institution was arrested on sexual misconduct charges after she allegedly had sex with an inmate.

Akina Wright was captured on video surveillance having sex with an inmate in the officer’s recreation office on Friday, according to a sheriff’s report. The pair tried to conceal themselves on the floor behind a desk during the 35-minute tryst, but a camera captured the act, the report says.

The camera also caught the inmate, whose name was not released, adjusting his pants and Wright spraying air freshener after the encounter, according to the report.

Palm Beach County Jail records show Wright was booked in shortly after 7 p.m. Monday and released a little more than an hour later on $3,000 bond.


6 Responses

  1. Please be advise that my sister was found not guilty. None of it was true.

  2. Why would you put things like this on the internet before knowing the outcome in court. Its bad enough that her place of employement dragged her name in the dirt and now you are allowing the whole world to know what she was falsely accused of. Thats not right. Before you mess with someones good character, make sure that person is found guilty.

  3. The whole ordeal about this incident is that the lady wasfound not guilty and has the paper work the the district attorney dropped all charges and has showed the paper and is about to get paid! and good! The bible clearly states DO NOT JUDGE, because when we judge someone is also judging us, so be careful for all things.The GEO, PALM BEACH POST and all other critics owe this lady an apology. The entire GEO needs to be checked out including the investigation offoicer, officer Bahista especially!
    Evangelist McAllister

  4. i seen this crap go on for several years now and is about time they go after these so called officers, and wow what a surprise it turns out to be true, i dont even know why they allow woman to work at an all male facility becase they either haVE SEX WIHT THEM or bring them in drugs and cell phones, i guess they feel sorry for them because they are all cuzz’s and were unjustly found guilty

  5. I am very sorry about your sister. I know how it feels to be wrongly accused. I have been charged with sexual misconduct. I didn’t give them the satisfaction of quitting, I made them fire me. I will never admit to something I didn’t do. To whoever thinks that its no a womans place to be an officer is just a wimp. I was a damn good officer and never let them get to me. These inmates see this and target you. When you don’t give into their ways, you really become the enemy and their rights far exceed ours. If you’ve never worked inside the prison system this is something you will never know anything about. One wrong move and they have you. Not all women of authority are bad, just as not all men of authority abuse inmates. To make a statement like you did is just ignorent.

    • thats b.s. , i only recently had to deal with the prison system. I was raised to belive all police officers were to protect and serve the citizens. Then taught correctional officers duties were to obey the laws of usa and state but seems they think they are above the law. They break the law and escape justice because citizens still believe officers do no wrong. as for the alledged rape of inmate by the female c.o. umm, it is reported to have been videoed so how did she escape a conviction ? My guess is the defense attorney had it inadmissable in court.

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