Officers Investigated In Jail ‘Fight Club’

ORLANDO, Fla. — Four Orange County jail officers stand accused of organized fighting and gambling at the jail. Jail spokesman Allen Moore said the officers were placed on administrative duty. He said the investigation will see if any policies or procedures were violated at the Horizon Facility at the jail, which houses close to 1,250 inmates. Details of the investigation and the names of the officers were not released.

The officers have been prohibited from having any contact with inmates.


3 Responses

  1. I think these officers need to go to prison a example need to be made of them. If michael vick can go to prison for betting on and fighting dogs, these corrections officers were forcing and betting on humans and assulting inmates that wouldn’t fight.

    If they don’t get punisghed what we’re telling the world is that doga are more important than humans!!!!

  2. lets get one thing straight, there is not 4 accused officers, theres 3 accused and one reporting officer. so lets pay attention to the news and get the facts right before we hang the wrong person out to dry. yes they probably will go to jail depending on the evidence and if the state attorney will move foward with this case.

  3. prison guards in florida are evil sick pieces of shit. period.

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