Female inmate speaks out about sex with corrections officers

 A female prison inmate is speaking out about sex with corrections officers inside the women’s prisons at Pewee Valley.

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Alisha Brewer says the prison guards threatened to punish her if she wouldn’t have sex with them.

Two correctional officers at the women’s prison in Pewee Valley have been fired, but neither has been hit with criminal charges in connection with allegations that they had sex with inmate Alisha Brewer.  And even if they are charged, it will only be a misdemeanor because Kentucky is one of just three states where sex with an inmate is not a felony.    

She shared her story with WHAS11 News’ Mark Hebert, hoping Kentucky law is changed to make prison employees think twice. Brewer asked that we not show her face, only during the interview with her.

Brewer says her second day inside the Kentucky Correctional Institute for women, she met Captain Andrew Kerrick.  Brewer says she fell for the officer pretty quickly.

From May to November of last year, Brewer says she and Kerrick had sex six or seven times, in bathrooms, the maintenance shed, always out of the eye of the prison’s cameras.  Eventually, Brewer claims, Kerrick was smothering her, waking her every night.   So she tried to break off the behind-bars relationship:

But Kerrick wasn’t Brewer’s only problem, according to what she told us.

Alisha Brewer claims Sergeant Robert Tingle pressured her to have sex one time.  That was the final straw for Brewer, who spilled her guts to a female corrections officer.  An internal investigation was launched and inmate Brewer was placed in the Special Management Unit, segregation, for 24-hours a day, for her own protection:

Both officers, Kerrick and Tingle, were fired in March, Kerrick denying through his attorney that he ever had sex with Brewer, Tingle couldn’t be reached. Both were accused of having improper contact with an inmate.

Warden Cookie Crews says Kentucky State Police continued the investigation at her prison.  It’s now in the hands of the Shelby County Attorney who hasn’t decided whether there’s enough evidence, other than Alisha Brewer’s word, to charge Kerrick and Tingle with a crime.  And even if they are charged, it would only be a misdemeanor. 

Kentucky corrections officials have unsuccessfully lobbied state lawmakers to make sex between corrections staff and inmates a felony.

For Alisha Brewer, who’s in the middle of a 7-year sentence for credit card fraud, sending a tough message to corrections officers can’t come too soon, “I know that I’m a convicted felon and I know I’m an inmate.  Just because I’m an inmate doesn’t mean that we do not have rights especially as human beings and women.  We should still get treated halfway decent in prison and we don’t.  And I’m not the first but maybe i’ll be the last,” says Brewer.

State corrections officials say 14 staff members have been fired or disciplined in the last four years for inappropriate relationships with convicts.

Captain Andrew Kerrick’s attorney says the corrections officer never had any sexual relations with Alisha Brewer.  Kerrick is appealing his firing but refused Mark Hebert’s request for an interview.

Sergeant Robert Tingle apparently has an unlisted phone number.  We couldn’t find him for comment.  He has not filed an appeal to his dismissal.

source: http://www.whas11.com/news/local/stories/WHAS11_080611_Local_SexWithCorrections.1d1e3285.html

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