Ohio Corrections Officer Admits to Sex With Inmates

A Lake County corrections officer resigned after admitting to having sex with several female inmates and now an internal investigation is under way.

The alleged incidents happened at the Lake County Jail in Painesville. The officer could face at least three felony counts.

The Lake County sheriff said from his interview with three female inmates and the officer, the sex was consensual.

But because it happened inside the jail, it was against the law.

The investigation began with an anonymous call to Sheriff Daniel Dunlap. A former female inmate told him a guard made inappropriate advances.

Dunlap said he took the charge seriously.

“We have admission from the subject that he became involved with these women and that intercourse did take place,” said Dunlap.

The guard admitted to arranging encounters with four different female inmates, the sheriff said.

He told detectives he used the jail cell intercoms or talked to the women during cleaning details to set up meetings.

He said they would then meet in a stairwell where they would have sex.

None of the women plan to press charges. The sheriff said that if they don’t, the state probably will; but that is up to the prosecutor.

“My feeling is that one or two of these woman will step forward and will chose to press charges. And we’ll vigorously pursue that path if it comes,” Dunlap said.

Dunlap said he was shocked by the events. The guard worked in the jail for more than two years with no other problems.

The guard is also a married father of four.

The sheriff said they’re changing some procedures after this and are adding some surveillance cameras in the jail.

source: http://www.officer.com/online/article.jsp?siteSection=5&id=41780

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