Meth tests positive for prison guard, friend in deadly crash

A prison guard and his friend who died when their truck crashed onto highway 58 from an overpass were high on methamphetamine at the time.

Supervising Deputy Coroner John Van Rensselaer confirmed the tests taken at autopsy.

Roman Antonio Cordero, 36, and 27-year-old Jose Raymond Garcia drove off of Washington Street in mid-May and slammed into a big rig.

Cordero and Garcia tested positive for above-toxic levels of methamphetamine.

The driver of the big rig was not seriously injured.

He told officers that he saw a flash and had no time to react.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah Roman was a peice of garbage through and through. funny though that anyone who knew him knew that he was an addict. he bought for personal use and also sold to inmates. He would even brag about it whle he was out in the bakersfield bar and club scene. He was very likeable though and had many friends who mourned his death. Does he deserve anyones tears…probably not. He didnt make a single mistake that ended his life…his mistakes and drug use were his life.

    • ^ Dude Fuck you! Roman was my sisters fiancé and Joe was my other sisters husband. I highly fucking doubt that shit you say is true. You don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Go to hell. Oh and dude that wrote this “Joses” name is Joe get your shit straight

  2. These men have passed away this is sad for their families.

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