Feds: Vermont Inmate Paid Guard to Allow Sex Visits

BURLINGTON, Vt. —  A federal grand jury has indicted an Ascutney man on charges that he paid a guard at the Addison County Jail to allow a woman to come to the jail after visiting hours for sex.

Frank Sargent faces three counts of bribery and one count of conspiracy to commit bribery. The U.S. attorney’s office for Vermont said the incidents occurred while he was at the Addison County Jail, which has a contract to house federal prisoners, while awaiting sentencing on a bankruptcy fraud conviction.

Authorities said Sargent was attempting to influence the woman, in hopes she would testify favorably to him at his upcoming sentencing hearing. He ended up being sentenced on the bankruptcy fraud charge to time served while his case was pending.

The indictment alleges Sargent told the woman to bring $300 to each of their meetings so he could pay the guard.

Court documents did not identify the guard or the woman, but said both are under investigation and charges against them are possible.

source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,373301,00.html

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  1. Check out Vermont C.O. The Truth of Attrition by Ryan Mason ISBN 978-061-526-7548

    This highlights a pattern of repeat behavior within the Vermont Department of Corrections which results in Vermont CO’s having a 56% turnover rate for the past twenty years. This costs the Vermont taxpayers over 2.5 million dollars annually in reoccuring tax revenue.

    Talk about industiral complex.

    Within one month of this books publication, the governor of the state of Vermont took one full correctional officer position for each one year of the authors life (44 CO’s) and permenantly cut that amount from the Vt. DOC budget. This was approximately five percent of their total budget. Two weeks after that the Vermont Correctional Academy had their lease instantly terminated from their pior and long time venue. One week after that both the superintendant and asst. superintendant were permanently removed from the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility.
    Vermont also has the highest Police Misconduct Rate in the Nation. That’s in the nation.

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