Former guard from Brewster pleads guilty to sex with inmate

DANBURY, Conn. – A former guard at the federal prison in Danbury has pleaded guilty to charges that he had sex with an inmate and plotted with her to kill his wife.

Michael Rudkin of Brewster, N.Y. faces up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty Friday to federal charges of murder for hire and the sexual abuse of a ward.

Prosecutors say the 39-year-old guard promised to pay the inmate $5,000 to arrange for his wife’s murder. They say Rudkin provided her with a floor plan of his home as well as his wife’s work hours.

They say he also asked her to wait until he could reinstate a life insurance policy on his wife. Prosecutors say investigators learned of the plot before any harm came to Rudkin’s wife.


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  1. What goes around, comes around!!!! i was an inmate at FCI Danbury , i was released December 0f 2006. I reported “Rudkin” to his superiors when he constantly harassed me on the job! I was sent to the “SHU” isolation, this was the systems justice. C.O Rudkin constantly stunk of alcohol, hard for me to believe “no one” was suspicious? Especially after i tried to argue this point with the Lieutenant. I was also involved in an investigation, involving an Officer earlier in my incarceration. it was “CONSENSUAL”, so i denied any wrong doings by the Officer involved. The problem is, either way it is wrong!!!! When u r incarcerated, your judgement is poor at best! U r lonely, depressed, distressed, feeling desperate most of the time for human relations, any small amount of normalcy u can find!?! Inmates r vulnerable to say the least, I know this first hand. I look back and cannot believe, how badly i was taken advantage of, it sickens me. I believed a disgusting, perpetual liar, that he actually cared about me? Enough to have physical relations and open my heart??? I believe the incarceration itself was enough punishment! There r good people working behind those walls, but few & far between, unfortunately.

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