Former Kenton Co. Jail Guard Avoids Jail Time

Last Update: 6:43 pm

Web produced by: Carole Rawlins and Ian Preuth

former Kenton County jail guard will not have to spend time in jail
after pleading guilty to impersonating an officer, unlawful
imprisonment and terroristic threatening.

A judge ordered Melanie Murray to complete a three-year felony diversion program and pay a $250 fine.

say Murray had just started working at the jail, but had not finished
training, when she handcuffed a man inside the Strauss Haus Bar on Main
Street in Covington April 6.

Officers say she took the man
outside into an alley, then started vomiting. While she was getting
sick, the victim found the handcuff key and freed himself. He then
called police, who found her passed out in the alley.

Police say
when paramedics arrived, Murray became combative and belligerent. Then
once under arrest, officers say she threatened to kill them.

Because of her plea, she is longer allowed to work in law enforcement.


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