Sheriff’s jail deputy accused of domestic violence

COLERAIN TWP. – A Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputy faces a jury trial next week on charges of domestic violence, assault and obstruction of official business.

Nicholas Rauen, 27, of Colerain Township, was charged May 11 after sheriff’s deputies were called to his home for a report of domestic violence, Hamilton County court records show.

The jail guard is free on $6,000 bond.

Rauen is accused of attacking his wife at his home and then attacking another woman when she came to check on the couple. His wife told authorities he threw her against a wall and onto a bed. Then, she said, he climbed on top of her, shook her and yelled at her.

The other woman said she asked Rauen to listen to her but “he flipped out.” She told authorities he threw her to the floor, bruising her arm and elbow.

When deputies arrived, he kicked the door shut and locked it, records state. Once they got inside by using a spare key, records state Rauen refused to show officers his hands and had to be threatened with a Taser to comply.

Rauen and his lawyer, Steven Halper of Blue Ash, have filed court documents maintaining the deputies who arrested him were at fault.

An anonymous person called 911 to report the alleged domestic violence situation, Rauen and Halper state. That person refused to identify himself and did not provide enough information to justify a search of Rauen’s home, they say.

Halper said he is hopeful the matter will be resolved in court on Tuesday. Rauen and his wife are still together, and a protection order originally granted in the case has been dropped because his wife never wanted it, Halper said.

The couple did argue, but the rest of the matter is a misunderstanding, he said.

The argument broke out at Rauen’s home after Rauen, his wife and other deputies had been at the wedding of another deputy. Halper said the deputies were all outside when two other deputies from the sheriff’s department arrived to investigate after receiving the 911 call.

He declined to discuss the specifics of the case further.

Rauen was hired as a corrections officer on April 7, 2005. He continues on duty since the charges are misdemeanors, said sheriff’s spokesman Steve Barnett. If his is found guilty, the sheriff determines punishment, which can range from reprimand to termination.

Rauen’s trial begins Tuesday in Hamilton County Municipal Court.


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