Jail guard arrested for sexual assault on female inmate

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office  



Clayton Darnell Buycks


MARICOPA COUNTY — The following is a press release from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says a detention officer employed by the office for five years, was booked today (Tuesday) on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping and immediately placed on administrative leave with pay.

Clayton Darnell Buycks, 28, allegedly fondled a female inmate in the elevator of the East Courthouse in downtown Phoenix late last month while she was being transported to court to face drug charges.

The inmate was apparently handcuffed at the time of the assault resulting in the kidnapping charge.

source: http://www.azfamily.com/news/homepagetopstory/stories/phoenix-local-news-090908-officer-arrest.5ecdd5ce.html

Guard Detained For Alleged Role In Murderer’s Escape


Cops say Sarah Jo Pender is a violent fugitive, accused of breaking out of an Indiana prison in early August 2008.

In 2000, cops say Sarah Jo Pender and a male accomplice killed their two roommates, shooting each of them with a shotgun and dumping their bodies in an Indianapolis, Ind. dumpster. The two were eventually captured by police in Noblesville, Ind. and were sentenced in Marion County in 2002.

Pender’s then-roommate, Richard Hull, is currently serving a 75-year sentence, while Pender had been serving a maximum 110-year sentence for her role in the murders.

It seems that nearly six years behind bars was all Pender could take, as on August 4, 2008, she busted out of Rockville Correctional Facility shortly before a routine inmate head count.

Since the story first broke, Rockville Correctional Facility Officer Scott A. Spitler, a five-year veteran of the institution, has been arrested in connection with Pender’s escape.  He faces charges of Assisting a Criminal, Official Misconduct, Sexual Misconduct and Trafficking with an Inmate.

The Indiana Department of Corrections has issued a press release stating that Spitler allegedly drove Pender out of the prison after hiding her in his IDOC vehicle.  At that point, cops say Jamie Long, one of Pender’s associates, then picked her up outside of the prison walls, and she has remained on the lam ever since.


Her first legal opportunity to taste the joys of freedom again would come at the ripe old age of 73.
Indy Prison Officials Need Help In Capturing Female Killer

IDOC officials say Rockville Correctional Facility is a mutli-level, medium-security penitentiary, which has the ability to hold all levels of female offenders.

Prison officials tell AMW that Pender stands 5’8″ tall and weighs 200 lbs., with brown hair and blue eyes.  She has two tattoos on her body — a target on her right leg and a butterfly on her chest.

The IDOC website lists Pender’s earliest release date as October 28, 2052, meaning her first legal opportunity to taste the joys of freedom again would come at the ripe old age of 73.

Once authorities capture Pender, the odds of a 2052 release date will significantly dwindle, as she is sure to face a serious penalty tacked on to her already-steep prison term.

If you’ve seen this dangerous fugitive, please call our hotline right away, before she has the opportunity to kill again.

source: http://www.amw.com/fugitives/case.cfm?id=58000