Erie Co. Deputy Resigns After Charges of Relationship With Inmate

38-year-old Anthony Vick resigned from his job as an Erie County Deputy after being arrested yesterday, charged with sexual abuse in the second degree. The charge stems from inappropriate contact during an alleged admitted relationship between the then-deputy, who worked at the correctional facility in Alden, and an inmate held there on a forgery charge.
The sheriff’s office says the two have admitted to the relationship. But although the relationship was mutual, the undersheriff says it cannot be considered consensual because he is a deputy and she is an inmate.
If Vick had not resigned, he would have faced a disciplinary hearing with the sheriff’s office along with the misdemeanor charges. Still, the sheriff will further investigate what happened and whether any employees covered for the deputy. At this point, the undersheriff believes the staff at the jail told supervisors as soon as they found out.
He says they learned of the alleged relationship this weekend, when the unidentified 34-year-old inmate was staying at a jail in different county on Sunday to face charges there. Vick was also not at work on Sunday, and some inmates in Alden took the opportunity to tell officers about the alleged relationship. Within 48 hours of interviewing and recovering evidence such as love letters, police arrested Vick.


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