USVI corrections officer charged with discharging shots, possession of marijuana

ST THOMAS, USVI: A St Thomas Corrections Officer was arrested and charged with illegally discharging a firearm on Tuesday at about 8:30 p.m. in the Brewers Bay area of St Thomas. While performing the arrest US Virgin Islands police seized a quantity of illegal drugs from the correction officer’s vehicle.

Police were dispatched to the scene following an anonymous 911 call from a concerned citizen who reported shots and provided police with a description of the suspect and his vehicle. When police arrived on the scene they questioned 53-year-old corrections officer Arnold Kenning.

Arnold Kenning

A field test to determine gun powder residue on Kenning’s hand was conducted with positive results. Police also discovered several large ziplock bags of what tested to be marijuana in Kenning’s vehicle. Additionally it was determined that the weapon confiscated at the scene was not legally registered.

Kenning’s bail was set at $20,000 and he was remanded to the custody of the USVI Department of Justice.

Police Commissioner James H. McCall praised the patrol officers, forensic officers and other VIPD personnel involved in the arrest. He also thanked the citizen who gave vital information to police.

“I want to applaud the citizen who called 911 and gave a detailed description that allowed the police to have probable cause to approach the suspect and interrogate him which lead to the arrest and the confiscation of drugs and a weapon. This is the type of information we need in order to get these perpetrators off the streets. It is unfortunate that the suspect in question is employed by the Bureau of Correction, but I stand by my earlier statements, it doesn’t matter who you are, who your family is, or where you work, if you do the crime you will be arrested and face a jury of your peers.”


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