Former prison guards face sentencing this morning

PROVIDENCE — Two former correction officers convicted of assaulting four inmates are scheduled for sentencing this morning.

Former Capt. Gualter Botas and Kenneth Viveiros were found guilty of 11 counts of simple assault and battery for roughing up the inmates in Botas’ office in 2005 and 2006.

Sentencing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. today in Superior Court, Providence.

Special Assistant Attorney General Molly K. Cote, who prosecuted the case, has said she might seek jail time for both men.

Each misdemeanor count of simple assault and battery carries a penalty of one year in prison.

On July 31, a jury returned a judgment of guilty on all counts against Botas, 39, of Pawtucket; and Viveiros, 56, of North Providence. The jurors deliberated for less than four hours before reaching their verdict.

Matthew Gumkowski, Robert Houghton, Anthony Romano and Jose Gonzalez all took the witness stand and testified that Botas summoned them to his office at the Adult Correctional Institutions and administered beatings over contraband. Houghton, Romano and Gonzalez testified that Botas repeatedly struck them with a phonebook.

Botas was convicted of seven counts of simple assault on the inmates; while Viveiros was found guilty of four counts of simple assault on Houghton, Romano and Gonzalez.


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