Federal-prison guard accused of spouse abuse

LEESBURG – A federal corrections officer arrested on a charge of domestic violence could lose his job if he is convicted of the felony, a prison spokesman said.

John Woodall, 37, was arrested early Sunday after his wife said he choked her with his hands, according to a Lake County sheriff’s report.

The report said Woodall, who works at the Federal Correctional Complex in Coleman, threatened to kill his wife and then himself during a quarrel at their home near Leesburg. The report also said Woodall’s wife, who was not identified by name, told authorities her husband wrapped his legs around her chest and squeezed until she was unable to breath, causing her to fear she would die.

Deputies arrested Woodall based on his wife’s statement and unspecified physical evidence.

Charles Ratledge, a prison spokesman, confirmed that Woodall was a corrections officer at the Coleman facility but provided no other information. He was uncertain whether Woodall’s supervisors were aware of the arrest, which could disqualify him from his post. Woodall, who was released from the Lake County Jail after posting bond, could not be reached for comment at home or through the prison.



2 Responses

  1. Wow what was his story? What happened to make him snap?

  2. the dude was setup

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