Potter County Jail Guard Fired

POTTER COUNTY — The Potter County Jail is getting a little tougher.
They’ve fired one of their guards, reprimanded another and are adding more security measures.
This after the escape of Joshua Barnes earlier this month.
The jail is going to add some more razor wire to their surrounding fences and they’re going to add more security camera’s.
It’s all with the hope of avoiding another escape.
Jail officials won’t tell us the name of the guard that was fired, but they do admit the guard left her post for an hour.
In that time, Barnes was able to escape from the recreation area of the jail.
This was the second time Barnes had escaped from custody he’s now facing a hundred forty-five years worth of prison time.
“Complacency can be a problem. The officers do a very good job that work here. They have a serious job and it’s dangerous sometimes but when you do have complacency we need to deal with that particular incident,” says Captain Roger Haney of the Potter County Jail.
According to Haney, the last time there was an escape at the jail was about nine years ago.
The guard that was fired had worked at the jail for nearly four years.
The jail administration has gone over their policy again to remind guards of their duties.



Prison guard charged in marijuana sting

A corrections officer at the State Correctional Institution Fayette was arrested yesterday after he agreed to buy marijuana from an undercover state trooper and deliver it to an inmate, the Fayette County district attorney’s office said.

Todd Allen Robinson, 31, of Uniontown, faces several charges including drug possession with the intent to deliver, criminal attempt contraband and criminal use of a telecommunications facility.

The district attorney’s office said Mr. Robinson met with an undercover trooper posing as the acquaintance of an inmate in a parking lot of the Uniontown Mall. The trooper gave Mr. Robinson one pound of the drug after he allegedly agreed to take two ounces of it to a prison inmate. Mr. Robinson agreed to sell the rest of the marijuana and pay the trooper $2,500, the office said.

Mr. Robinson was arrested after the encounter and will be in court for a preliminary hearing next Wednesday.



Corrections officer could face vehicular homicide charg

ST. THOMAS – The V.I. Attorney General’s Office is expected to upgrade charges against Bureau of Corrections Officer Jedwyn Frett after one of the people injured in an Oct. 16 vehicle accident Frett is charged with causing died during the weekend.

Two pedestrians and a passenger in Frett’s truck were injured in the crash when, according to police, Frett barreled into another vehicle at a high rate of speed near the intersection of Moravian Highway and Crown Mountain Road.

Frett, 53, of Estate Thomas initially was charged with reckless endangerment, carrying an unlicensed firearm, brandishing a weapon and reckless driving.

Frett struck three parked cars and two pedestrians before colliding with a Ford Explorer. Witnesses told police that following the crash Frett pulled out a handgun and held it up to the gathering crowd.

Police at the scene confiscated the weapon and found that Frett’s license for the gun had expired.

St. Thomas Deputy Police Chief Melvin Venzen said Tuesday that in addition to the initial charges, Frett now likely will be facing a vehicular homicide charge following the death of Jose Vasquez, one of the injured pedestrians.

Vasquez, 32, a native of the Dominican Republic, died on Saturday. Following the accident, Vasquez was rushed to Schneider Hospital with a fractured right femur, a fractured left arm, ruptured bladder, internal head injuries and a fractured pelvis.

Doctors attempted to repair his bladder, however, he remained in critical condition in intensive care until he was airlifted two days later back to his homeland to receive further medical treatment.

Hospital spokesman Sam Topp said at the time that Vasquez’s head injuries required the care of a neurosurgeon, which is not a regular service available at Schneider Hospital.

Vasquez was in the country illegally and could not be transported a hospital on the U.S. mainland, Topp said. He was instead sent to the nearest facility that would accept him and could treat his extensive injuries, Topp said.

The other pedestrian injured complained of shoulder, back and leg pains and the passenger suffered cuts to the head. Frett received minor scratches.

Since the accident, Frett, who has been employed with the Bureau of Corrections for more than 20 years, has been placed on administrative leave without pay, according to V.I. Justice Department spokeswoman Sara Lezama.