Polk deputy arrested on DUI charge

WINTER HAVEN — A Polk County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant has been charged with driving under the influence

Authorities say Anthony Eugene Lawrence, a detention lieutenant, was weaving through traffic and hitting curbs about 1:20 a.m. today when he was pulled over.

Lawrence failed a field sobriety test and was booked into the Polk County jail on one count of DUI. He was released on bail today.

Lawrence, who was hired in April 1984, most recently worked at the Central County jail. He has been suspended without pay pending termination proceedings.

source http://www.floridatoday.com/article/20081118/BREAKINGNEWS/81118083/1086/rss07

One Response

  1. Why was he suspended and pending termination that could be discrimination being the fact that a correctioanl officer at Hamilton Correctioanal Instiution in Florida was arrested for DUI CHILD ENDANGERMENT under 14 And failure to stop at a stop sign.He refused the brethylizer which is a state law in both florida and ga manditory 1 year suspension of his driver’s licence.went to court in ga because that is where it happened dui was redused to reckless driving was put on one year criminal probation with installment of an interlock device.Since his probation officer lives on the same road she sent the prision the original probation papers then sent them a paper stating he only had to pay a fine.Which the disrict attorney’s office and the interlock device company had a copy of his original probation papers if anyone would have followed up on it.He never listed his place of employeement on the interlock company’s paperwork so they wouldn’t know he was a state officer in the state of florida.The scores of the interlock shows how intoxicated he was during what hours and on state propery as well for he would borrow someone else’s vechile to go to work.And take into cosideration this arrest was during his new hire probationary period at work…….So to be honest when officers in florida are being terminated for the same arrest or put on suspension with out pay do you think this is really fair or is it discrimination? I would seriously like to know…or is it a who you know bases? oh and the information I listed is a fact not hear say….

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