Arizona corrections officer indicted in ’04 killing of wife

coA Minnesota grand jury indicted an Arizona corrections officer on Monday on charges of first- and second-degree murder.

34 Year Old Andrew Lemcke is accused in the 2004 shooting death of his wife.

The Web site for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Florence, Ariz., says he was arrested on Sunday.

Other court records say Lemcke had been living in recent years in Florence, where he had worked at a Corrections Corporation of America facility.

Nichole Riley-Lemcke was shot Sept. 12, 2004 at her Appleton, Minn., home.

Andrew Lemcke has described the shooting as accidental.

Riley-Lemcke’s parents had been pressing authorities to file criminal charges, and they filed a wrongful death suit against Lemcke him last year.


5 Responses

  1. Andrew lemcke was not a C.O. at the time of the murder. Get your facts straight dumbass!!!!

    • You’re absolutely wrong. He was employed as a guard at the CCA prison in Appleton, MN at the time he killed his wife, Nichole. She had formerly been a guard there.

      He was convicted of 2nd degree manslaughter.

      Get your facts straight before you use vulgarity to insult others who had their facts together.

  2. no but the fact that he fled his hometown to try and escape the reality of what he did is the issue. The fact that if prison personal knew of issues surrounding his past he would not be offered the position that he obtained in Arizona

    • CCA management was well aware that Andrew had killed his wife. In fact he tried to work at their California City prison but was turned down, presumably because he couldn’t pass a background check.

      In the course of the investigation it was established that it was common knowledge that his wife had said that she was going to turn him in for insurance fraud and workers’ compensation fraud. She was also having an affair, and though he was having many affairs, he resented her doing so.

      CCA hired an assistant warden at one of their Eloy facilities in the same county, Pinal, who had killed a motorist and seriously injured her woman passenger while he was driving while intoxicated in Beeville, Texas, years earlier. At the time of their hires, CCA was said to have not been doing background checks on their new employees, other than for outstanding warrants.

  3. CCA knew he put a gun under his wife’s chin and pulled the trigger.

    After he fled from Appleton, he tried to go to work at CCA’s California City prison where his sister worked. Not only was he a guard at CCA’s Appleton prison when he killed his wife, but he was a snitch for the police department, a deal he made in order to bury a prior arrest.

    His wife Nicole also worked as a guard at the CCA prison in Appleton. She had been telling people for weeks that she was afraid he was going to kill her. He borrowed the gun that he used to shoot her from his parents. Because his home was a licensed foster care facility, he knew that it was illegal to have it in his home.

    He did not let his daughter’s grandparents know where he had taken her, after the “homer” Grand Jury failed to indict him. When he couldn’t pass a federal background check, he then moved to Florence, Arizona, where CCA once again put him on the payroll until he was brought back to Minnesota for trial.

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