Prison Nurse Accused Of Trying To Help Rapist Escape

A prison nurse has been arrested and charged with smuggling items to a convicted rapist who stabbed his lawyer in court last year.

 Deborah Girouard, a...

Prosecutors allege that 44-year-old Deborah Girouard smuggled items to Che Sosa in an alleged plot to help him escape MCI-Cedar Junction prison in Walpole.

The charges allege Girouard slipped Sosa saw blades and other items. Sosa has not been charged in the alleged escape plot.

His lawyer was treated for injuries to his face and chest from the courtroom stabbing. 

Last March, Sosa was convicted of the 1995 rape of a 50-year-old Boston woman. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison, which is in addition to a 55-year sentence he was already serving for a previous rape.

It’s unclear when Girouard is accused of smuggling the items to Sosa. She has been charged with delivering an article to an inmate and aiding the escape of a prisoner, which are both felony charges. She faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.



A 44-year-old nurse and mother of five was ordered held without bail yesterday after she pleaded not guilty to charges of taking part in an elaborate scheme to help one of the state’s most dangerous inmates escape from prison.

Deborah Girouard of Ashby allegedly told security at MCI-Cedar Junction that she had given inmate Che Sosa an eyeglass case containing three saw blades, a handcuff key and dental floss said to be capable of cutting through the Plexiglass in his cell, according to court records and prosecutors.

In her locker, authorities also found a correction officer’s uniform and badge, a wig, fake fingernails and nail polish – props to be used in Sosa’s planned break-out tomorrow from the maximum-security prison, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Rowe said in Wrentham District Court.

Girouard, a University of Massachusetts Correctional Health nurse on contract at the prison since October 2007, had also given Sosa a pair of her underwear and a cell phone she would charge for him so the two could talk, Rowe said.

“It was clear there was a relationship that had been established,” the prosecutor said. “The extent of that relationship is not known.”

Girouard also bought a knife for Sosa, but when he asked her to smuggle in a gun, she refused, and he threatened her and her family, prompting her to come forward, Rowe said.

Defense attorney Thomas Iovieno said Girouard disputes the charges and came forward voluntarily.

Sosa, 39, is serving 40 to 55 years for nine counts of aggravated rape and is awaiting trial for allegedly stabbing his former defense attorney.

Judge Warren Powers ordered Girouard held without bail, pending a Dec. 17 hearing. If convicted of delivering an article to an inmate and aiding the escape of a prisoner, she could find herself behind bars for up to 15 years.

Mark Shelton, a UMass Correctional Health spokesman, said Girouard has worked for the program since 2005 and is on unpaid leave, pending the case’s outcome.


Correction Officer Charged With Boston Inmate Rape

A 17-year veteran of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that he raped a female inmate at a Boston jail.
Lt. Thomas Healy, a corrections officer at the Suffolk County House of Correction, turned himself in Tuesday morning. Prosecutors said Healy groped and raped the woman in her cell on Nov. 12.

Healy, 41, of Quincy, was charged with rape, indecent assault and battery and having sexual relations with a prisoner as a jail guard.

He was released on $1,500 cash bail following his arraignment in Roxbury District Court. He cannot have contact with the alleged victim and must surrender his guns.

Healy’s attorney, Stephen Pfaff, did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral said Healy was suspended without pay Friday after an internal investigation.

Healy has the right to an internal hearing on alleged violations of department policies, she said. After that hearing, a decision will be made on disciplinary action, and Healy could be fired, Cabral said.

“The allegations and supporting evidence uncovered by this investigation and detailed at Lt. Healy’s arraignment today are egregious,” Cabral said in a statement.