>Prison Guard Accused Of Rape

According to the Defense Attorney representing Pieper at his first court appearance Monday afternoon, he was employed here at the South Dakota State Penitentiary.

Now he’s the one behind bars facing a possible life sentence if he’s convicted of first degree rape.

Prosecutors say a family member walked in on 38 year-old Todd Carl Pieper as he was abusing the 4 year-old female victim.

Investigators will say very little about the circumstances of what happened or the relationship between Pieper and the victim.

They say it happened in rural Minnehaha County and the defendant was arrested at the Law Enforcement Center in Sioux Falls.

In court Monday, his defense attorney said past accusations of abuse against Pieper had been investigated and found to be untrue.

Monday afternoon during his first appearance, Pieper entered a not guilty plea.

His bond was set at $250-thousand.

The South Dakota Department of Corrections says Pieper is no longer employed at the prison.



99 Responses

  1. This is a made up story and is untrue, he is innocent and was found “Not Guilty”. I hope no one ever falsly accuses you of a crime you did not commit.

    • This is not a story and it is “TRUE”, he was found “Guilty” in a civil hearing and he is not allowed to have any contact with the children. Only a sicko would believe his made up and unconvincing stories, also the innocent child did not testify in his criminal hearing, but her voice was hear loud and clear in the civil hearing!!!

      • The Child was very much coached and that is why it was not brought into the Hearing. Experts would of testified that the child was very much coached. You are the sicko’s ruining a childs life and for what!! you are the rapest
        He was not found GUILTY in a civil Hearing. Give me a break, More lies. This is sad, you are ruining this childs life and telling the child what to say and for what- because you dont like someone. Get a LIFE and go to church.

      • You are an idiot.

      • Please read the bottom pages you all are going to be shocked on. The out come of this case. All of you neg people on here are looking like big stupid idiots. If I was you all I would delete your neg post I feel sorry. For you all that your lives all suck.

      • You all are sure welcome to freind me on fb then you all can see how happy my kids are. And Nicole did spend the evening at the fair with me Tyson and Brooklyn. It’s real sad that Jennifer vanrocle. And mike Walsh cant do there jobs. They have to be feeling like the biggest idiots on this earth. Both of you need to get a life including the dumb ass that posted this bull shit web page.

      • Sorry to in form you that this was a made up story. Its to bad you so stupid that you jumped on this page don’t you have like things to do around your house. I’m sure some one has changed your diaper for you cause you have to be a total reject in your misserable life. Maybe you sshould go out to lunch with my kids and my ex wife. Crap I will by you a happy meal just so you will sit there and shut. Your big mouth lol

      • Just wondering mike Walsh is your son still dealing drugs. I’m sure he’s off probation by now must be nice to just get a slap on the wrist. Wondering why no jail time you must have put some detail in that report lol

  2. This is not a made up story, it is very real and true. Todd C Pieper may have been found not guilty in the criminal trial, but he was found GUILTY in a Civil trial. The child’s voice that was eliminated from the Criminal trial, was heard loud and clear in the Civil trial. The judge upheld the 5 year protection order stating that Todd Pieper could not have contact with either of his children!! Tara, you need to get your story straight, cause that’s all you have is a “STORY”!!
    Someone who falsely accused does not have trained Detective’s , Doctor’s and Councilors testifying against him. You cant be falsely accused if it’s the TRUTH!!!
    PARENTS BEWARE, your child could be next!!

    • More stories blah blah blah. His wife wanted out of the relationship and decided this was the easiest way to do it and get everything she wanted. You people need to start thinking about what you are doing to the kids and think about them for once and not yourselves. Todd is an Innocent man, Watch out men for this Woman, she will ruin your life and not care one bit. You can be Falsely accused if it isn’t the truth, which it is a BIG LIE!
      Too many stories, should not be that hard to tell the truth!!

    • This woman these kids are with should be in jail, this woman has ruined this guys life for no good reason. she is a nut job, she will have to answer to a higher power someday.

      • This woman was the supposed eyewitness to this crime, she lied,contradicted herself and could not keep her stories straight. She even contradicted what she told the investigators later. This woman needs some serious help. This woman or child is not the victom of any crime. But these kids are now paying the price for what this woman has done to her kids.

    • Sorry but there was not a Civil trial not sure where you got your information from?? These so called trained Detectives should be fired as they did not do there jobs!! all these people had was a BIG LIE of a story from the mom and God help her. She is now ruining her kids lives with this made up crap she is the sicko in this case. She will forever have to live with this BIG LIE that she has told. She needs some serious Mental Help!!!

    • U wanna know what i think happened? When they brought the lil girl in to be checked at the place she was too afraid to say & then they will drop it if the kid didn’t admit to it… I have heard of this happening b4 where minors say they put a stick down there (penis) and touch them and they say they can’t take the childs word over his so if the girl didn’t say nething they will drop it.

    • Hey what’s up Mr stupid ass detective Walsh I’m calling you out I would like to stop down there and spar with you I would like to show you how to man up. I don’t think you could fight your way out of a paper fn bag. You have my number please make my fn day. Your a cocky arrogant duche bag along with your lesbo side kick detective vanrokle. Jenny on the fn looser block. Call me dick wod.

  3. Todd wasfound not guilty except it.

  4. Todd was set up by his wife and her family. Loosers

  5. Todd was set up by by his wife.in court she had 7 different stories what a nut case.

  6. Todd was set up by his x wife.In court she told 7 different stories about what happend.She needs help!!!

  7. Todd was set up by his x wife.In court she told 7 different stories about what happend.She needs help!!!

  8. Todd was set up by his x wife.In court she told 7 different stories about what happend.She needs help!!!

  9. Kathleen you need to get your story straight. You know nothing about the case.who are you anyway?

  10. Don’t think much about your false statments.you’r all abunch of nutcases.

  11. Their was no civil hearing.if their was she would not lose.

  12. This whole thing is based on a bunch of lies and that is all it is. She can’t keep one lie straight from the other lies. She is going to have to live with the lies she has told and explain that to her kids when they can understand that her mom is a mental case.

    • Sara, you dont know what the F your talking about…this woman was not the one on trial, Todd was…what it amazing to me is that who ever you are, you seem to care more about Todd than about the well being of a defenseless child..what kind of a monster are you??? Todd failed the lie detector test which is not surprising as he is a LIAR..and the detective knew it. Todd could not keep his story straight when they asked him what happened and he lied to his Supervisor at the pen…what an idiot….this is the kind of person you feel sorry for….again I hope he rots in the depths of hell along with anyone who would believe his BS stories that he tells all the time, too bad he is so retarded that he cant keep his stories straight.

      • Give me a Break!! you are evil people and need to repent and turn to Jesus. You are only thinking of yourselves and using these kids as pawns to get what you want. What about these innocent children who have nothing to do with this. Can not imagnine doing this to my children- someday they will know the TRUTH that he is a INNOCENT man wrongely accused by a bunch of nut cases.

      • damn straight he is a HUGE pathological liar.

      • You are an idiot.

      • You sound so stupid just had to point that out to you. You have no clue in your life on what’s going on.

  13. Their was no cival hearing.

  14. Their was no cival trial

  15. Todd was in jail for a year, lost His job, and smeared in the media with no clear evidence against Him.

  16. I don’t know why we are all still reading about todd.Its been 4 years.about time this is deleated. Todd was found innocent. Their was no civil trial.Todd was falsley accused. His wife is a nut job.His wife hasn’t even filed for divorce.What does that tell you.All the DNA that came back was NEGATIVE.No evidence against todd. I really feel sorry for todd. I hope everything gets better for him.Every one needs to move on.

  17. Jaime bly, get your F’in facts straight, the mother is not a whack job nor a nut job, she has evidance to prove it and the child was raped!! The childs version of what happened to her has NEVER changed. Todd is F’in lucky that he is a free man cause this poor little girl is the only one who has not gotten any justice….but one day she will!!! I hope he rots in hell with his family, cause they all know he is a liar and denier. By the way there was a civil hearing and he has yet to see his kids…the child will get her day as she so deserves! Notice that Todd will say that the cause of this is the mother (scape goat) but yet it is the child who told the detective,the doctor, the counselor, and a psychologist what has happened to her, all without her mother present…riddle me that you low life idiot!!

    • You really need to get a ife and stop interfering in other peoples lives. You sound like you have alot of mental issues yourself to deal with, maybe you should concentrate on yourself and stay out of other peoples lives. You sincerely need a REALITYCHECK.!

    • Realitycheck…I am dating Todd and have been for some time now! He treats me with respect and is the greatest man to ever enter my life! I also have 3 children and they absolutely ADORE him! I could not ask for a better man! I completely trust him with my children and have never had a reason not to! He has been open and honest with me from the beginning. Why wouldn’t he be? He has nothing to hide anything!!! HE IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN INNOCENT!!! His ex-wife has put THEIR daughter through so much and now it is taking months of counseling to fix what she brainwashed in THEIR daughters mind! There was NO EVIDENCE and her story changed so many times, the ex got confused with her own lies. Get your facts straight Realitycheck… Someday the ex will get her payback but not by Todd or his family, it will come from THEIR children…they will get their chance to know the truth about their mother!!!

      • No longer dating. New ‘meth’ girl that likes to throw stuff out of his vehicle and hes gotta cut her off drinking. There you go Nicole. Take his ass out.

  18. A note to Nicole Pieper and her wonderful family…THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU ALL DID!!! If you hadn’t screwed up what you had with such an AWESOME MAN I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to be with him!!! The worst part about this is what you have done to the children!!! Even having him put in jail didn’t ruin who he is…A GREAT PERSON!!! You can’t not destroy who he is by what you are claiming on here. This family needs to get all the facts straight and quit making up more lies…which you seem to be very good at now! Maybe you could all get together and go over the transcripts and really see where she could improve on her lying techniques and where she should get her stories straight at! I really don’t think it will help at this point… she has done so much damage now with THEIR children. If this would have been reversed and Todd would have done something like this to Nicole..then he could have spent 3+ years brainwashing their children just like she has done, but he is not that kind of person. Also, the so called “trained” detectives had only 1 week of “training” to deal with matters such as this…I don’t think that qualifies as an expert! Oh and the psychologist that she hired…didn’t work out in her favor…did he??? Isn’t that why she had to switch attorneys or is it cause they are just so confused with all the lies she keeps telling? On a final note…the 80’s called and they SOOO want their entire clothing line back….please I beg…do not wear those hideous things out in public again!!!!!

    • lmfao this is someone that isn’t even dating him anymore! ha!

      • Love shack lol that’s a stupid name to use get a life hey work on yours I’m sure it’s all messed up lol

      • Just wondering mike Walsh do you still sucker punch people. Please get a job at burger king. Then when you mess up they can just get a new happy meal. I’m sure you could handle the drive up window. Maybe. You and Jenny on the block could help you she only needs one week. Then she’s an expert. Wow one week lol



  20. Todd C. Pieper is a great guy who does not deserve this from Nicole Fryer. Nicole Fryer should be ashamed of herself for what she has done to these innocent children. Todd Pieper is INNOCENT and that is the TRUTH.

  21. both sound like a couple of real winners. todd the man-whore and nicole-the psycho. sad for the kids.

    • Well you must know one of them and what does that make you?? you have one thing correct Nicole is a psycho!! Todd was with Nicole faithfully for 19 some years, so now he is single and dating and you are calling him a Man-whore and you can’t even type your name- COWARD!!

    • And yes your prob a crazy ass. Sitting in some mental hospital cheeting on your husband lol Ouch did I hit a core there miss slut bag lol

  22. He is a creeper in my eyes.

  23. he’s with a meth head i’ve heard. that’s a little more than a creeper to me.

    • What a perv. Prosecutors say a family member walked in on 38 year-old Todd Carl Pieper as he was abusing the 4 year-old female victim. Is he on the sex offenders list?

    • Ok angie. Why don’t you go drown your self in the river. That would be really nice to see lol

  24. Nicole Fryer – Best of luck to you. Hope you have one but if you don’t, Hire a private investigator honey. It will be well worth the money.

  25. WHY do you all feel like you need to be the EXPERTS on something you know nothing about. maybe you should all spend a little more time concetrating on your own problems and stay out of others, SERIOUSLY- who made you all Judge and Jury- move on and medal in someone elses business if you feel a need to do so.
    or maybe you need to get a job so you all have something to do-

  26. Thank-you to Anonymous, Angie, Sara, Loveshack, and Reality check. I’m guessing by now you all have had enough of a dose of Todd to realize he is not who he portrays himself to be. Clearly he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His view is that if you lie enough the lie becomes reality. Only it is himself he is trying to convince. Tracy, your so called experts are Todd only!! If you are small minded enough not to do your own research, you are only setting yourself up to be his next victim. I don’t have to be Judge or Jury to hear what the resounding truth is!!! If you would like to discuss this in better detail what the TRUTH really is I’ll bring ALL the PROOF I need to back myself up. You know that little thing called EVIDENCE, something I know for a fact you cannot provide!!!! My guess is all You would be able to bring is yourself and nothing in black or white!!!

    • . Well you may have missed the last couple of hearings as the Judge blatantly states that he feels Todd has been falsely accused and he believed that this never happened and that Nicole did this to her children. Now we have to put up with Nicole and her family coaching these kids into believing a bunch of lies. If this isn’t child Abuse I don’t know what is. The Judge also stated that in the Trial the Jurors obviously had serious problems with Nicoles credibility and that he had serious problems with her credibility!! and if you remember he was acquited (not guilty). The only evidence in this case was Nicole making up a bunch of lies to get what she wanted!! There is your Truth in this case. Nicole and the Fryer family are the abusers and that is a Fact. There is no Evidence in this case because nothing happened!

      • The judge has never stated that Nicole falsely accused Todd and he never stated that it did not happen. The department of Social Services has reviewed this case and also stated that Todd should not have contact with the children. For the most part Todd has accused Nicole that this is her doing, he also accused his neighbors of doing this to his daughter, but it was the childs statements alone with a detective that he failed a lie detector test from the childs testimony! Todds sister, Tammi Nordstrom, cried for him when he was incarcerated but did not shed one tear for her 4 year old niece at the time, who her brother raped multiple times anal and vaginally and continues today to have no feelings for her niece. Why doesnt his sister let him watch her kids alone?? The evidence is extreme, Todds testimony has changed so many times he cant keep his F..in lies straight. Now he is telling people that the child was 2 years old and that he was just changing her diaper..seriously his stories are getting old! This guy is a con man, he lies, denies, and just look at his past in 12/2000, he shot at 3 kids in Canton, his story was that he shot bullets in the air to scare these kids. The evidence showed that the kids’s car was scattered with multiple bullet holes and they had pictures to prove it!! Todd was looking at 5 years in jail for this.. the judges statements about Todd’s version of what happened was… “You must think I was born yesterday”, the judge stated that he was lucky to made a deal with the states attorney because he would have thrown his ass in jail. Also there was a farmer who saw Todd pointing the gun at these underage kids, 14 and 15yrs old and Todd claimed the farmer saw him bring the gun down from shooting in the air, he tried to state that he never pointed it at those kids..which was not true! He had to pay restitution, but the judge could not believe he was trying to give him this bullshit story…this is Todds M.O!

      • Ok, Miss I think I know it all!! If you were in the courtroom, tell me who was the Judge in the last hearing, who were the witnesses in the last hearing, what was the date and time of the last hearing????? Yes I am pretty sure you are just like all the other misinformed dumb asses that think they know exactly what is going on!! WHATEVER!! Our case is so rare that the Jury was REMISS in making a not guilty verdict because they felt Todd WAS guilty. Maybe you should go spend the money and read the transcripts and get enlightened. There is plenty of evidence in this case to prove he is guilty. Like Todd failing the Lie Detector test in Nov. which is what landed him in jail in the first place. It was also Todd’s choice to stay in jail for a year. It’s really easy to judge when you don’t have the facts!! This is probably Todd’s new Meth head girlfriend!!

    • Hey cheri. Why don’t you do some. More drugs. Or make some pornos in your day care. Lol

  27. Get a Life and/or a job. Judge Tiedemann is the Judge that has blatently came out and said that he felt that this never happened and that Todd was Falsley accused and that Nicole did this to her children. I think you need to get the transcripts and facts straight!! Judge Tiedemann also stated that the Jury had serious problems with Nicole’s credibiltiy and that he also has serious problems with her credibility also- The Fryer’s need some serious help and need to stop abusing these children it is just SICK to see the Fryer’s do this to these children- They do not derserve this!

    • Samantha, why dont you learn the name of the Judge, its TIede, idiot! He never came out and said this. Get your facts straight, the jury was never asked why they acquitted Todd and the states attorney was let go for her poor job on not convicting Todd so she never had a chance to find out why they acquitted, not only that there is NOTHING in the states file about Nicole or her credibility, according to the victim assistant they all BELIEVED Nicole, they however had SERIOUS doubts about Todd and lets not forget he failed a LIAR detective test. The children do not deserve to be RAPED EVER and should not be subject to anyone who would do this to them, and if you feel that they should your one sick F’er just like Todd!

      • Go get the transcripts it’s all there. It is Judge Tiedemann. Nicole was not at all believable and NO they did not believe her different and crazy stories. Lie Detector tests are not even admisable in court- if they are so right then why do they not use them in court? they are a joke. The facts still are that he was Acquited (not guilty). He did NOTt do anything to any one of his children and you need to start telling the truth in that you are coaching these kids into believing what you want them to believe. That is truley SICK that these kids are being coached into believing that their dad is a bad person when he is not.

      • He had also passed 2 Lie Detector test previously-

  28. Get Real,
    You sound like a crazy person, must be related to Nicole Fryer!!
    You need to go to church, get a life and stay out of other peoples lives!
    Seriously you FREAK-

    • Tara, or is this raTodd!
      Your a freak, I am a member of my church and go every sunday, do you? Why dont you get a life and stay out of other peoples lives too as well as Nicole’s family! I believe Brooklyn and she will never need to read about this, she lived the rape, she is a survivor! This was never about Nicole you idiots! Nicole only had done what every mother would have done and that is believe her child when her child told her the terrible things Todd was doing to her and making her do to him sexually, what kind of mother would ignore their child, she also ended up catching Todd in the act. People are watching this still because he has yet to get his victim back, but if he ever does, he will repeat his crime, except the next time he will be much better at it. Havent you people heard of Ted Bundy, well this is Todd Pieper, same MO. Even the jury in his criminal hearing were not convinced and they wrote letters to the judge and asked them why they were not allowed to see Brooklyn’s testimony, but that is because Brooklyn did not testify at 4 yrs old, so all of her testimony was tossed out, she had no voice, but I believe God is about to give her her voice back, ten fold. Karma is forthcoming, I pray every night Brooklyn gets her justice as I believe she will, then this case will be done and all the idiots who are defending the DEVIL can move on!

      • Get Real or is this Sherry (Nicole’s sister)-

        Grow up and get a life- SERIOUSLY! maybe concentrate on your own problems and stop making this yours-

      • Interesting, Tara, that you say Todd has also PREVIOUSLY passed 2 Lie Detector tests. I didn’t know Todd was getting himself into more trouble with the law!! Wonder what that means??

        Samantha, if you want to at least sound intelligent, the current Judge’s name is TIEDE. Everyone that has been involved in a Civil Trial will know that a Lie Detector test is indeed admissible! So, I believe Samantha you are incorrect! Further more Samantha, unless you’ve had a direct conversation with the victim, I’m pretty sure you have NO idea if something happened to the children! I believe you would feel differently if you were actually given facts instead of someone’s version of a story. Even Judge Judy, on TV will tell you…even if you are not CONVICTED in a Criminal trial, that does not mean you are not guilty in a Civil trial!! There is 2 different burdens of proof. I don’t know how young you are Samantha, but have you ever heard of O.J. Simpson??!! Do a little research on your own. Call the Clerk of Courts and ask if those things are possible. Then maybe you will start to realize how much you are being lied to. Oh well, it is for not, you cannot instill, in a person, common sense. The easy way is to just believe what you are told. Try and take the hard road and do a little investigation for yourself! I can Guarantee, Todd will not want you to do that!!!!

      • Heads up she got let go because she’s stupid or dumb were still trying to fig that one out why don’t you call the stupid ass up your self.

      • Your a real looser do us a huge fav go drown your self in your bath tub pleeZ

    • RaTodd, quit acting like your Tara, or is that was you call yourself these days…LOL. I know you like to dress up in womans underwear and clothes because you have lil bitch tities, whats that you like to wear wonder bras…thought so..chomo! Go back to hell devil.

    • Todd, you did not pass 2 lie detector tests…you failed the 11/08 test and sat in jail for a year tying to figure out a way to blame Nicole for your crime. Quit with the lies already, its old.

      • You need to get your facts straight !
        You say you go to church, but just because you attend a church does not mean you are a Christian. Christian people do not act in an evil way towards another person.

      • No Tara, you need to get your facts straight!!! Its not ok to rape your daughter!!!! You dont know me so what the hell would you care who goes to church or not, you obviously DONT! I dont care what you think and GOD knows how I feel and he has seen everthing Todd did to Brooklyn too. She will get her justice.

      • Hey looser I did to. You sound like one of those stupid detectives.

  29. It is sad and pathetic that people are still wrapped up in this. This is between Todd and Nicole!! I understand that feelings are wrapped up in this on both sides, but is slander and name calling really making you all feel better? Maybe everyone should grow up and focus on the real problem…themselves!! Obviously the name calling and slader is not getting across to anyone, so why not just keep your immature comments to yourself. People are not going to agree with the other side on this matter. I know one of the individuals involved in this and it is sad how this has consumed their life. The past is the past and if the judge(s) or jury felt at all Todd was guilty they would have put him in prison, but he is not. Nicole is doing what she feels is best for her children. Families and individuals have been ruined because of this case and they will continue to be if the 2 parents can’t work together in the best interest of the children. It is unfortunate that parents can’t make a marriage work, but lies and talking badly about the other parent is not healthy for children. Some day their children are going to read all the information surrounding this case and will be able to decide for themselves. Their young lives should be carefree and enjoyable with both parents, not sheltered and afraid of what they have been told by either parent.

  30. AMEN to the annonymous writer- whom ever you are. It is what is best for these children and to have both parents in their lives in a healthy way is best for these children. These children will suffer from this and have problems if these 2 cant work this out like grown adults.

  31. Oh where Oh where is the liar at…come out..come out wherever you are…ch.ch.ch.ch..CHOMO!!

    • I have picked up from your ricidilous comments (Sobeit) that you really must hate Todd. Unless you know him personally or have interacted with him on more than one occassion you should really keep your threats to yourself. Just because you don’t reveal your true identity on here doesn’t mean that someone can’t find you. I hope you realize if something happens to Todd, this website is going to be one of the first places they look at!

      • Oooo… I am soo threatened by you Anonymous, and its quite comical how your sooo concerned about me…it sounds like to me YOU are planning on doing something to him if your that worried about it. I did not threaten him at all…what, he can dish it out but cant take it like the lil pussy that he is..he can pick on lil kids, but cant handle words, you must be mentally retodded too? Sounds like to me your one, either Todd, or two, his new bitch! Freedom of speech anonymous…try to stop me.

    • What are you 3 years old !! That could by your IQ from the looks of what you type. Maybe you need to go to school and get your GED and a job!

  32. Tara, I wouldnt doubt that you would like to know, but unlike you I am not retodded. You may insult me all day I could care less, but at least I am not defending, a ch…ch..ch..ch..ch..ch..CHOMO! What are you Captain save a CHOMO?

  33. I bet Todd wishes I was 3 years old…ch..ch..ch..chomo!

    • Stop with the Replys and Comments Please!!!

      • This is a free country and people can post their opinions whenever and where ever they want. I guess it was ok to voice your many nasty comments about Nicole and the Fryer family here and many other places, but other people cannot have an opinion on Todd!! Sobeit, Get Real, Lillygirl all are entitled to how they feel. If you don’t care for what is being said, you have every right not to check back into this site and post your replys! Maybe Todd should stop trying to convince everyone he is not a liar and go and get some much needed help!! If he really cares about his children more than about himself he will do just that. I Just Want to Ask the people out there that Think they believe Todd…WOULD YOU LEAVE YOUR DAUGHTERS ALONE WITH HIM… R-E-A-L-L-Y????? Think long and hard before you answer that!

    • You sound so stupid now lol your life must really suck.

    • I wish you would get a fn brain. That would stop you from posting stupid things on line that you have no clue on what your talking about lol

    • I think you just did you must be a fryer. Hey hows that herpies thing going on. In your family. Lol

  34. AMEN! No one is forcing anyone to comment or reply, we all have a right to our own opinion and if you dont like what you read, you dont have to come to this website and read it. He can slander Nicole and harrass her family, but he and his followers cannot take the TRUTH! Well thats too damn bad because this blog is about exposing the TRUTH to all who want to read it and put caution to those who run into this manipulating con man.

    • Up date on this case to all of you neg people on here I have to say I see my kids we just spent four hours at the fair on this last Tue and Nicole came with. We all had a blast. It’s just really sad that god put people like you all on this earth. Sounds like all you neg people that have no clue on what is really going on with this case need to go get a life.

    • I feel really sorry for you. Your life must suck. All of you need to delete your comments that are neg. You all look very stupid now. Maybe you all can hang out with us all some time.

      • DNote. To the detectives that handled this case you failed miserably. You both need to go back to school and learn how to do your jobs. We need to post a web page called dumb detectives been totally wrong. All of you neg people on here need to call them and ask them why they are all so stupid. They causted the state tax payers over 2000.00 thousand dollars.

      • Let’s all thank kellow land tv for showing sf that there a lynch mob tv station. I hope some day all of you lynch mobbers on here get a little of the hell I went through for doing nothing wrong. It would be sweet karma way over due. For you all. And you detectives should get a lot of that .you all will have your day with god. Good luck your going to all need it.

  35. Please read the bottom pages you all are going to be shocked on. The out come of this case. All of you neg people on here are looking like big stupid idiots. If I was you all I would delete your neg post I feel sorry. For you all that your lives all suck.

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