Former Geiger guard accused of raping another inmate

SPOKANE — For the second time this year, a former Geiger Corrections officer is the subject of a federal lawsuit by a woman who claims she was raped.


KREM 2 News

For the second time, former Geiger corrections officer Bernard Baumgardner is the subject of a lawsuit by a woman who claims she was raped.

In the new lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court in Spokane, a female inmate claims Bernard Baumgardner forcibly raped and assaulted her in October 2005 after making repeated sexual advances. Spokane County is listed as a co-defendant.

The plaintiff, who is now 31-years-old, says Baumgardner warned her that if she reported his behavior, ‘he would make her life very difficult and that she would lose her good time.’

The woman’s attorney says Baumgardner was never investigated or placed on leave after she came forward with the allegations.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages.

Baumgardner pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct in the first case and served a few months in jail. He insisted the relationship with the woman was consensual.


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  1. f—ing sick. people who are in this kind of position should be disapplined twice the maximum punishment. all authority officials should be. police, judges, etc. the bad thing is that no matter what u have done……if u have any charges whatsoever on your record then your word does not count for s**t. let alone you against someone of authority. this gaurd will probably get off with a slap on the hand, and the woman will be looked upon as some liar who only wants to make a quik buck. nobody believed her and there was NO investigation into it. spokane co. deserves to take it in the rump-plestillskin for this. they only left an open door for more lonely horny officials to do as they may please knowing that 1- they will not face any consequences and 2- who the hell is gonna believe anybody with a criminal record?? makes you wonder how many more times this has happened since then by the alleged suspect or others who see a foolproof plan to do as they please due to negligence of authorities, and how many other woman there are out there that haven’t even said anything because of fear of or threats made by people in this position or may not speak up because of imbarrasement of self or friends and family. or maybe some girl/guy just doesn’t want their significant other to find out. who knows?? they should make an example out of this guy and of all the persons who SHOULD have investigated this matter thouroughly.

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