Corrections Officer Accused Of Smuggling Drugs Into Jail

OSCEOLA COUNTY — A corrections officer has been arrested, accused of smuggling drugs into the jail.


Eric Sosa, 30, was booked into jail Friday.
Deputies said they’ve been investigating Sosa on suspicion he smuggled drugs into the Osceola County Jail.

Sosa was arrested after deputies said he left the jail during a break to go buy marijuana from an undercover officer.

Sosa was charged with drug possession with the intent to sell, as well of introduction of contraband into a county facility and other charges.

9 Responses

  1. There are bigger things happening in the world sometimes things seem a way but really are another. Eric sosa has been a model citizen until this moment he has been a model father son brother, he serve the army this nation for varies years he also worked as a counselor recruter for the united states army his other three brothers also have serve, its in his blood to give the best of him he recently lost a dear friend miguel h ayoroa that served in vietnam, he lost his grandmother witch he didnt get to say goodbye to, his mother bipolor as well as his sister both haved tried to commite suiced there is not much you can do in distence im not saying that the things he has done are totally justified but yes he had been going through a great deal of stress and depresion that have drown him to a self dostructive path i just hope that not only punishing him for his actions i hope he gets help. Who ever knows eric knows the real eric not the one with the serius face put the one that has been always concerned for others, i pray to God time goes quikly and he will reunited with his daughter and family.i dont care what he has or not has done im still proud of my brother.

  2. Who are we to judge? Have you ever made mistake? Does anybody stops to think about the families when leaving nasty remarks on the inter net? We live in a coutry where are dollar bill says in God we trust. Do we really bealive in God or what his history tells us? Is forgivenes not in the bible. Did God throw stones rocks at mary magdaline.we have a justice sistem that keeps the order some people dont think is enough they have the need to raise judgement themselves to those let me give a piece of my mind when we judge someone i will asure you will be judged in your life i want you to rember the day you raised judgement on eric sosa i also want you to know that God forgives those that forgive.

  3. I just wanted to say to Jo ann and Eric’s family that I am 150% behind you guys. I know what he did wasn’t right. But that doesn’t mean he is a bad person. I know Eric since I was in 3rd grade and as we grew up he was the one helping me with my emotional problem,sometimes even financially. We were raised in P.R. where we struggled to survive. I had his back and he had mines. There’s no doubt in my mind that people judged him in a selfish way.I know him so well that no one can say that he’s a criminal for making the wrong decition at that moment where he was frame by his own people. Just know that I will be there for you and no matter what happends I will always be your friend. Be strong and keep your head up. I’ll be waiting for you to come out so we can make a toast to a new begining. Love you brother.

  4. Gracias, Juan C. No sabes cuanto significan tus palabras aveces yo siento que estoy sola que a Ericsito lo juzgan sin conocerlo gracias por acordar que el es un buen muchacho con un buen corazón, y que mayor precio que pagar que estar lejos de su hijita, pero te dirè que el esta positivo y espero verte el día que el salga tqm juan c y gracias por tu apoyo.

  5. My brother is doing good, even working, he is afighter he will get back on his feet soon he has a lot of faith in God speacially going thrue what he went he has plans to go back to school, he has worked since he was 14 voluntering for free in a pizza parlor until he knew how to do the job then he also worked in a store were he sold beepers he had to deal with all kinds off people he was good to everybody even thrue the peer preshure everybody liked him cause he liked to help he went thrue a lot off hard situations sometimes not following the best rowmodels but he is a surviver and a hard working kidd and im proud no matter what the situations in life and the cards he was dealt he has been always the best brother in the world best son. He is verry sencitive when he was a recruter for the army he got to see young men that where looking for a chance to beterthemselves get in the army he at times had to visit family members to give his condolences and sit and confort the families after putting them in the ground this caused him great emotional conflicts, there was a specific case that really got to him he had just recruted a young man, the same was brutally murdered with the young mans girlfriend he cried and hurt but he would get it together to give sopport to the family thats why he decided he wanted to go into law enforcement to keep inside those kinds of criminals, he has always had a good heart he met many of these prisoners many serving for pedy crimes he felt for them even when some of his fellow officers would insist in him treating them like animals he wouldnt he got in lots of trouble for this he held a balance some how everything started to fall to pieces in his life work, family, but he tried to keep a straight face beeing as tough as humanly as he could. Everything happens for a reason he felt alone once in jail he noticed that he was the man walking in sand asking God why did he abandoned him and God responded Eric in your most troubled times when you tough to be alone i was carrying you in jail he felt the serenity and felt the love of God. He has found to fill that empty space that void that anger and frustration fighting his toughts was gone he surrendered to God . He sent me a letter to my surprise he said did you accept the Lord? I just couldnt stop crying he was trying to save me he suddenly was the one free me the one in chains. Forgive Love and have faith

  6. regardless he is scum people who are correctional officers are supposed to hold themselves to a higher level of profesionalism.

    • Hi to MR. Im to scared to leave a name! Lol Guess what so are Gods children suppose to obey and not sin and we all do , does that make Us not Gods children? Don’t you there feel so high and mighty for those who spit up there saliva falls on their face, prey you dont have any love ones because everything you say will be revocked on to your love onces not because i say so but God sees all and he is the only one that can judge and for your information my brother served his time and is working and studying now, so shame on you for judging shame on you twice for not daring to leave a name, ignorant!

  7. To everyone on this forum, I know mr eric sosa. he indeed served his time, returned to college, graduated, and when on to becoming a proffesional automotive technician. he is now once again succesful, he has a wife and children and is a very happy man. God bless him and the loved ones who gave him support during his ordeal. God bless u miss jo ann

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