UK prison officer suspended for smuggling in McDonald’s Big Macs for inmates!

London, January 8 : A Belmarsh Prison officer in England has been suspended on charges of allegedly smuggling in McDonald’s meals for inmates.

A warder patrolling the prison caught the smell of Big Macs, fries and fizzy drinks while two prisoners were enjoying them.

When the cell was searched, the food was found hidden in a sink beneath a towel.

The food was still warm when the warder found it.

The inmates, both drug dealers, were questioned from where did they get McDonald’s meals, upon which they revealed that the suspended officer had sneaked them in.

An inquiry into the matter has been launched.

Belmarsh bosses are said to be furious that the food got in despite the jail in Woolwich, South East London, supposedly having Britain’s tightest security.

“It is a major security concern. All staff and visitors are searched every time they enter the prison. X-ray machines are used as well as physical searches. All food has to be sealed and security would never let a McDonald’s through, if detected,” the Mirror quoted a jail source as saying.

“The worry is if McDonald’s meals can be sneaked into the prison, then what else has been?” the source added.

An initial study of CCTV footage at the jail has failed to pinpoint how the food was smuggled in.

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