Guards accused of beating inmates

The Florida Department of Corrections has placed 15 correctional officers on administrative leave while it investigates allegations of inmate abuse at Florida State Prison and Union Correctional Institution.

In the incident at FSP, officers are accused of beating inmates during a time period when they apparently thought that the prison’s surveillance cameras had been disengaged and thus their actions were not being videotaped.

Prison employees who contacted The Sun and prison officials said the alleged incidents at FSP outside Starke, where 11 officers were placed on administrative leave, happened on April 8 after a power plant explosion inside the prison.

The alleged incident at Union Correctional at Raiford happened April 9, and it was unclear what may have triggered it.

Department of Corrections spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger said no one was injured in the explosion and subsequent fire at FSP.

“It was at about 6 a.m., and the switch gear system — the main breaker for the prison — exploded,” Plessinger said. “The institution had partial power for a good part of that day until Clay Electric (Cooperative) put in a temporary pole and transformer to bypass the entire power house, which was built in the 1940s.”

Allegations are that, because monitors for surveillance cameras and recorders were not working after the explosion, some correctional officers may have thought the entire system was not working and assaulted inmates because they thought their actions were not being recorded.

“Both systems – surveillance and recording – were working,” Plessinger said, but she declined to provide details about what cameras inside the prison may have recorded.

In one incident — recounted to The Sun by two sources — an inmate allegedly exposed himself to a female correctional officer. When male officers arrived to take the inmate to a confinement cell, they reportedly beat the inmate to discourage future incidents, according to the two sources.

State Attorney Bill Cervone said he expected that DOC’s inspector general would be delivering the results of an internal investigation to his office soon.

“I am aware that there are allegations being made,” Cervone said Tuesday afternoon. “We will review anything brought to us to determine if there is anything we should get involved in.”

Less information is available about the incident that led to four officers being placed on administrative leave at Union Correctional. Plessinger said state law prohibits release of detailed information until investigations are complete.


5 Responses

  1. if the general public knew how these animals treated the officers tasked with caring for them they would understand what happened. how would you like to be assaulted with urine and, feces and ejaculate when you try to feed them ??? but of course that kind of behavior is understandable whereas doing the only thing that will curb it… well that is a crime. so lets take the people who keep these animals inside the fenceand away from us and criminalize them. perhpas we should turn the criminals loose and lock up the officers that way we will be safe from the “bad” people.

  2. Just like I used to tell my C.O.’s when they whined…”You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.”…”Would you like some cheese to go with that whine?” You have got to be smarter than they are. They bait you into doing something criminal. Misery loves company. When this happens it gives them great pleasure. Also, don’t let any ‘Superiors’ tell you they “got your back” when they encourage you to do something wrong. They’ll drop you like a hot potato whenever it gets too hot for them. But then again, with what they pay correctional officers, it’s no wonder they don’t get any brighter candidates. Just like the inmates tell you, you’re working there because you couldn’t hold a job anywhere else. Quit. Your life expectancy will automatically rise.

  3. I retired from the Federal system, and I never got hurt, not once! The officer Private above needs to get out of the system, Or there is no doubt in my mind, he will go to prison one day, and be a punk.
    Law enforcement arrested these people, the attorneys did their thing, and the Courts/Judge/Jury did theirs.
    Your job is to maintain the Care, control and custody of people sentenced under the authority of the Attorney General of your State, or with the FEDs the AG for the United States.
    No officer has the right to beat another person. Your aragance and iggnorance are reflected by your words.
    They are not Animals! some do act as such, but that is why officers need to document, and the medical department is there for inmates that have issues. Do yourself a favor Private, find a new Job, before you wind up in prison. You would last a day under my supervison!
    Feed back is always welcome.

  4. found not guilty by jury inmate lied camera saved us no abuse but thats what sells newspapers 25yrs exp then this shit the state of florida does not have your back even when u do your job nooooo evidence even with video haha bastards

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