Lieber prison guard arrested in drug sting

A Lieber Correctional Institution officer was arrested May 5 in Ladson, along with another man, after the pair allegedly sold cocaine to undercover Dorchester County sheriff’s deputies.

The officer, 28-year-old John Russell Lambert of Summerville, is charged with distribution of cocaine and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, sheriff’s Capt. James Nettles said.

His co-defendant, Samuel Henry Crowe II, 29, also of Summerville, faces the same cocaine charges as well as simple possession of marijuana and resisting arrest, Nettles said.

Crowe reportedly had to be subdued during the arrest when he refused to follow instructions from the arresting deputies.

Also during the arrest, Lambert was found to be in possession of additional cocaine, Crowe with additional cocaine and marijuana, Nettles said.

All told, deputies seized 10.6 grams of cocaine and 3.7 grams of marijuana from the suspects, he said.

Lambert is on administrative leave without pay from Lieber, the state prison near Ridgeville where he has been employed since Jan. 8, according to Josh Gelinas, public information officer for the S.C. Department of Corrections.

In that time, Lambert never faced disciplinary action, Gelinas said. He could face termination, however, depending on the outcome of the charges


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  1. i know this dude lambert. dumb as a rock. they gonna have fun with him when he gets inside. or is he snitchin and not doin time? hhmmmmmmm………..

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