Fired jail workers’ texts are released

Text messages between two Louisville Metro Corrections employees fired for allegedly lying about a case involving a fellow employee accused of domestic violence refer to the employee as being “in hiding.”

The city released the texts Wednesday after an open records request was filed by The Courier-Journal.

Former corrections Maj. Robert Dietz and Deputy Director Laura McKune were dismissed on May 12. Corrections Director Mark Bolton said they lied about a case involving corrections Sgt. Ron Morris, who was accused of trying to strangle his wife during an argument.

The messages between Dietz and McKune refer to Morris being “in hiding” after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Bolton said Dietz was fired for lying about having communicated with Morris, whom he supervised, after the alleged domestic violence incident. Dietz has denied the charges, and he and McKune have filed a lawsuit alleging they were wrongfully dismissed.

In a message sent just before 9 p.m. on May 9, Dietz told McKune a warrant had been issued for “ron.”

McKune responded: “That is crazy. Is he ok?”

Dietz replied: “He is hiding until Mary can try to get changed to a criminal summons. I am so mad I do not know if I can restrain myself.” It is not clear from the messages who the “Mary” Dietz referred to is.

Mary Sharp, Dietz’s attorney, said she never represented Morris, and reiterated earlier statements that her client had not communicated with Morris’ attorney. She declined further comment, saying she had not reviewed the texts.

The 15 pages of messages released by the city Wednesday indicate a close relationship between Dietz and McKune. On March 27, Dietz wrote to McKune: “Very drunk thinking of u. Sweetheart.” They also appear to refer to Bolton as “bozo” on multiple occasions.

In a June 8 letter addressed to Mayor Jerry Abramson, Sharp wrote that Dietz “denied any unlawful contact with Morris or his attorney” when he was questioned by police about whether he knew of Morris’ whereabouts when they were attempting to serve him a warrant.

A week later, Dietz and McKune filed a lawsuit against Louisville Metro Government and Bolton, saying they were fired for complaints they made about procedures and incidents within the department.

The lawsuit alleges that Bolton asked Dietz to perform actions that Dietz believed to be illegal, and that Dietz faced retaliation because he saw the director intoxicated at Churchill Downs during the Kentucky Derby.

Sharp has said that statements made by Bolton since Dietz and McKune were fired have damaged their reputations.

This month Bolton was put under 24-hour police protection and an FBI investigation was launched because of alleged threats made against him. Bolton has not accused Dietz and McKune of making the threats, but has mentioned their names in connection with the investigation.


2 Responses

  1. He said that the guy was in hiding, he didnt say that he knew where he was. I dont understand how they can be fired for texting each other about their coworkers situation. Ive heard a lot of bad things about Bolten and he sounds like a crooked cop anyway. Did they ever get the one that had the warrant out for his arrest?

  2. I personally worked for “Maj Dietz” when employed at metro corrections. Where an inmate attacked me during cell searches, Dietz lied in a report and had a co worker fired along with myself for “attacking an inmate”. The information about the incident he took from other inmates that were locked up in solitary confinement.

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