Arkansas Prison Guard Axed After Inmate Nearly Died in Feces Had Been Fired Before

 LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  —  An Arkansas prison guard fired over the near death of an inmate left naked in his own feces for a weekend had been previously fired.

A termination letter obtained by The Associated Press shows that Sgt. Bobby Lunsford lost his job in February 2002 after apparently accepting Hot Pockets an inmate stole from a prison chaplain. The prison system later rehired Lunsford.

Lunsford was fired again this year after an internal investigation showed an inmate nearly died of septic shock after being left naked and covered in his own feces.

The termination letter highlights one of the Arkansas prison system’s biggest problems: It has a 32 percent turnover rate and struggles to find qualified and competent guards to patrol its 20 facilities.