Deputy pleads guilty in jailhouse food tampering

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A former Ohio deputy accused of feeding an inmate a bologna sandwich that been rubbed against another inmate’s genitals has pleaded guilty to two health code violations. In a Columbus courtroom on Wednesday, 38-year-old Joseph Cantwell also apologized for the shame and embarrassment that he said he had caused.

 A judge fined him $500 plus court costs, and Cantwell also received a 90-day suspended jail sentence and five years’ probation.

 Cantwell’s attorney called the February incident at the Franklin County Jail a “prank.” It led Sheriff Jim Karnes to fire Cantwell and his partner in May. The other deputy was not charged with a crime.

 The inmates who were involved have filed lawsuits against the county.


7 Responses

  1. I understand this person was later fired from his post.
    That should be a no-brainer.
    I find this somewhat comforting as a parent of an incarcarated child.
    Health Code Violation? $500.00 fine?
    Where is the watch dog to hold these people accountable for their actions? It is like the cat is watching the mouse. We need to address their training and morale convictions. Hopefully this media attention will make some small impact. I have personally seen for myself some of what goes on. It is disgraceful. I am just surprised that the inmates were able to get their voices heard. Unless the media gets involved, this type of thing just goes on with wreckless abandon. Thanks to the media on this one.

  2. How many inmates has Joseph Cantwell and other correctional officers in that department that has done the same to other inmates,this message to the judge who fined him only $ court costs.Mr.Judge if any member of your family will go to jail or prison oh! been in jail or in prison and the same thing happen to you love one,I say out of 1 to 10 that a you will give (he) (she) or (them) a $5.000. to $15.000.fine plus court costs and no less then 5 year’s in prison so the other inmates will have a little fun with that correctional officer or officers. To the inmates that have filed a lawsuit against the county (put a lawsuit also on the judge in those town everyone knows each other maybe the judge and Joseph Cantwell or they family know each other. To the inmates involved I’m proud you guy’s put a lawsuit my name is Vicky Reyes the owner of La Voz which means The Voice my husband is also incarcarated in Florida State Prison for many year’s now he is in a C.M. he helped me have my own news media to know what is happening in the life’s of inmates incarcarated to help them find they family and love ones and make it know to the public of inmate abused and most of all corruption on correctional officers they need to get prosecute by the State Attorneys Office. To all the inmate families and friends let’s work together and fight for the inmate rights. to all mother’s and wife’s out there we need to get more involved with the situation of what is going on in the Department Of Corrections. Everyone United,together fighting for the same cause will make a difference. “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.” send me a text message let’s fight for our love one’s behind close doors

  3. This is a prime example of the fallen morals of societies “Officers of the Law” These examples of violence are pathetic injustices that need to be responded to. Is an individual who is supposed to uphold laws, MORALS, examples of GOOD BEHAVIOR. (more guilty than ones who commit crimes out of ignorance, drugs, or other emotional, and societal convictions?

  4. email President Obama

    email President Obama

  6. What he did was wrong, no doubt, but do you really want to crucify the man for rubbing his balls on a bologna sandwich? Yeah your kid is probably locked up for doing worse then that. The man went from being a CO to 5 years of probation give him a break.

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