Conn. prison official charged with fraud

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut authorities arrested a lieutenant with the state Department of Correction on Tuesday and accused him of running a business while he was out of work and collecting disability payments.

 Stephen Zaczynski, 49, of Suffield, was charged with workers’ compensation fraud, larceny and failure to maintain workers’ compensation insurance at his company.

 Zaczynski filed for disability benefits in September 2008 for a job-related injury, but went on to run New England Pellet LLC and illegally collect nearly $13,000 while on leave, according to an arrest warrant.

 Zaczynski’s attorney, James Oliver, said his client intends to fight the charges and doesn’t believe any crime was committed.

 Zaczynski was placed on paid leave Tuesday. His next court date is Oct. 20.


2 Responses

  1. If the state had done a complete investigation , which they failed to do, They would have seen that the affavidavid was false and that the investigator lied under oath? So were is your storie NOW?

  2. With The Zaczynski the charges were dropped

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