Prison Guard Accused of Killing Wife While Police At Door

A TDCJ guard was arrested Thursday and accused of shooting and killing his estranged wife. 38-year-old Samuel Vanparys is being held in the Walker County jail on a two million dollar bond. Vanparys is charged with first degree murder in the death of 27-year-old Ellen Buffington.

Police said the shooting happened Thursday just before noon in the 2400 block of Montgomery Street, in Huntsville.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a homicide where a victim was shot this many times before,” said Lt. Kevin Lunsford. “It was very brazen with police standing just outside the door.” Continue reading

Alabama Sheriff Jailed Over Measly Meals

This time, somebody listened to prisoners’ complaints over lousy jail food. A northern Alabama sheriff was in federal custody Thursday after a judge ruled he purposely fed inmates skimpy meals so he could make money from an unusual Alabama system that lets sheriffs turn a profit on their jail kitchens.

Sheriff Greg Bartlett is now pledging to see that all state and federal food funds are used to feed prisoners.

Sheriff Greg Bartlett is now pledging to see that all state and federal food funds are used to feed prisoners.

Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett testified at a Wednesday court hearing that he made $212,000 over three years feeding prisoners – every cent of it legal under a Depression-era state law and reported on his tax forms as income. Continue reading

Another jailor arrested at Colbert County Jail

TUSCUMBIA-The Shoals Insider has learned that another jailor has been arrested at the Colbert County Jail in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Former Colbert County jailor Justin Lee Franks

According to Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May, Justin Lee Franks, of 210 Grissom Road, Leighton, Alabama, was arrested this week for promoting prison contraband.

May says “Franks confessed to bringing two cell phones and Kentucky Fried Chicken to inmates in the Colbert County Jail.”

The Sheriff also said “Franks was a contract worker. He was not a full time employee of the county.” He went on “We thought after the first arrest, everyone would know this was against the rules, but, obviously not.”

May concluded by saying “This case was different from the first arrest of Tony Chaney. This case did not involve drugs. Franks told us he did it for the money.”

Franks made bond and was released from the Colbert County Jail.

Justin Franks is no longer employed by the county. – Shoals Insider


Ex-Prison Guards Convicted Of Bringing Pot Into Prison

PELL CITY, Ala. (AP) – Two former state prison guards now face time behind bars after a circuit jury in St. Clair County found them guilty of promoting prison contraband.
Tommie Borden and Mark Clark could each get 1 to 10 years in prison after being convicted of smuggling marijuana into the St. Clair Correctional Facility.
They were arrested in December 2006.
Clark had been employed as a prison guard for three years while Borden had worked in the corrections system for about a year.
A judge in Pell City scheduled a sentencing hearing for September.

Ex Correction Officer now, Bibb Co. Deputy Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Teen

CENTREVILLE, Ala. (AP) — A Bibb County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Sheriff Keith Hannah says the girl’s mother and stepmother reported the incident to police Tuesday morning. He notified the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.

Hannah says 24-year-old Terrell Morrow knows the girl’s family and agreed to an interview by an ABI agent. He fired Morrow before the rape charge was filed.

Morrow was promoted from correctional officer to deputy three years ago. The sheriff says he had not had any previous disciplinary problems.


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