Tangipahoa deputy arrested for delivering crack cocaine to inmates

NEW ORLEANS – A Tangipahoa Parish deputy is behind bars after he was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Administration for intent to distribute crack cocaine.

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said Kevin Whittington, 44, allegedly was providing drugs to inmates at the Tangipahoa Parish Jail.

Federal agents arrested him after a confidential source with the DEA gave 24 grams of crack cocaine to Whittington, who then allegedly agreed to bring the crack to an inmate at the jail, Letten said.

Whittington faces a maximum of 40 years in jail and a fine of $2 million if convicted.

Letten said the DEA is still investigating the case.

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Three guards charged with molesting teen inmates

HOUMA — More arrests are made in a probe of allegations that corrections officers at a Louisiana juvenile detention center molested teenage inmates
The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Department says Floyd Wesley Howard and Darwin Jamal Brown were arrested this week on charges that included molestation of a juvenile and malfeasance in office.
Tiffani Denin Blakemore was charged with obstruction of justice. She allegedly threatened a teenage inmate.
All three officers have been fired. Also fired was Angelo Knighton Vickers, who was arrested last Thursday after one of his alleged victims contacted authorities.
source: http://www.shreveporttimes.com/article/20090501/NEWS01/90501008/1002/RSS

Two Jeff correction officers fired

Two Jefferson Parish Corrections officers have been fired and a third was demoted, according to Jefferson Parish police spokesman Col. John Fortunato.

The firings and demotion came after an internal investigation by the sheriff’s office. Sgt. Sherman Dumas and Sgt. Chad Hawkins were both terminated, and a third officer was demoted.

The sheriff’s office would not say exactly what the officers did to be fired.

source: http://www.wwltv.com/topstories/stories/wwl120508mlfiring.3530722b.html

City jailer faces shoplifting charges

A Shreveport City Jail employee is on administrative leave after being charged with shoplifting from a local business.

Jiontanelle Owens faces one count of misdemeanor theft for taking items from Village Mart in the 2500 block of Hollywood, said Sgt. Jim Taliaferro, police spokesman.

Owens, while in uniform, was seen on surveillance cameras concealing items and leaving the business without paying for them on Nov. 7.

“She was seen on store video, by store employees,” Taliaferro said. “After she left the store, they went to the area where the suspicious activities occurred and realized that there was specific clothing missing.”

Owens later confessed to taking a warm-up suit valued at less than $200, which later was returned to the store.

Owens, who was hired as a jailer in August 2007, was immediately placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. She was issued a summons ordering her to appear in court.



St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s employee arrested after pointing gun at wife

A St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s assistant warden was arrested Tuesday morning after pointing a gun at his wife and threatening to kill her, Sheriff Greg Champagne said.

Troy Self, 49, was taken into custody on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Self has been suspended without pay and there will be an internal investigation, Champagne said. His bond has not been set.

Self has worked for the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office since 1985



Bossier City jailer arrested

A Bossier City jailer is seeing things from the other side of the bars after being arrested Tuesday.

Rodney Brown, 45, of Shreveport, has been arrested by Bossier City police for malfeasance in office and obscenity.

A female inmate filed a complaint against Brown last week, accusing Brown of touching her inappropriately while on duty in the jail, Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale said.

Police Chief Mike Halphen had an internal investigation conducted, which sustained the allegations.

A criminal investigation also was conducted, which was reviewed by the district attorney’s office, and warrants were then issued for Brown’s arrest.

Brown had been employed with the police department for seven years. He was terminated the day of his arrest.

source: http://www.shreveporttimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080508/NEWS03/80508030/1060/NEWS01

Inmates think twice about escaping from here

This La. prison is surrounded by bears, gators and — and guards

NEW ORLEANS – The way the warden sees it, the more than 400-pound black bear living in the middle of the sprawling Louisiana State Penitentiary is an extra layer of security.

“I love that bear being right where it is,” Warden Burl Cain said Monday. “I tell you what, none of our inmates are going to try to get out after dark and wander around when they might run into a big old bear. It’s like having another guard at no cost to the taxpayer.”

The bear was first seen by an inmate crossing a road in the prison on Friday. It was taking a stroll near the center of the state’s only maximum security prison, which is about 115 miles northwest of New Orleans. Most of the roughly 28-square-mile prison is run as a farm, but about 5 1/2 square miles is mostly untouched piney woods.

Prison workers measured the bear’s footprints, which were 6 inches in diameter, Cain said.

“Every inch equals 75 pounds, so that would make it about 450 pounds,” Cain said. “The wildlife people told us they think it’s a big female they’ve been tracking for a while.”

Up to 10 bears on prison grounds
Prison officials believe they have eight to 10 bears on the grounds, said Gary Young, head of the executive management office at the prison.

Maria Davidson, manager of the Large Carnivore Program for the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, doubts there are that many, but marvels that even one was spotted in an area of high activity such as the center of the prison.

“Bears are actually very shy, their tendency is to run and hide,” Davidson said.

As for acting as an unpaid prison guard, Davidson doubts that the bear would provide much of a deterrent to a fleeing prisoner.

“We’ve never had a predatory attack by a black bear in Louisiana, to our knowledge, on pets or livestock,” she said. “As for a bear coming out and rushing an inmate, I don’t see that happening.”

The prison, known as Angola, is isolated and has plenty of other kinds of dangerous wildlife, including alligators, rattlesnakes and wild pigs, Young said. The last recorded escape was nearly three years ago, and the inmate was quickly recaptured before leaving the grounds.

source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24472774/

Sheriff: Jailer faces reprimand for ‘horseplay’

HOUMA — A deputy at the Terrebonne Parish jail will face disciplinary action after a trusty told the warden the jailer hit him with a frying pan last week and grabbed another inmate by the neck.

Terrebonne Sheriff Jerry Larpenter described the altercation as “horseplay,” though he added Lt. Ernie Dardar would face some type of disciplinary action, to be determined by the sheriff’s internal-affairs board, which is comprised of a panel of high-ranking deputies.

“He’s going to be reprimanded, exactly what we haven’t decided yet,” Larpenter said. “He’s going to be dealt with by the board probably within the next day or two.”

In an interview with The Courier from jail Monday, 26-year-old Christopher Patrick Duplantis Sr. said Dardar and another trusty, Brandon Oubre, 17, were preparing to serve breakfast early Friday morning when Oubre and Dardar began “clowning around.” However, the horseplay quickly escalated when Dardar lost his cool and began choking Oubre, who was arrested in October on an armed-robbery charge.

“He picked him and choked him until he was purple in the face,” said Duplantis, who is serving time for a probation revocation related to marijuana possession.

Later, in the jail kitchen with Oubre continuing to egg him on, Dardar picked up a skillet and threw it at the teenager, though he missed, Duplantis said.

Dardar then hit Duplantis twice with another skillet, once in the back of the head and once in the elbow, the trusty added.

The jailer also grabbed Oubre in the hallway, tilting a surveillance camera toward the ceiling so it wouldn’t capture the altercation, choked him, threw him to the ground and stomped on him, Duplantis said.

“He threw him on the floor and stepped on him, like twice,” he said, adding that Dardar frequently “picks

on people.”

After Oubre and Duplantis complained, Dardar tried to get them to change their tunes, Duplantis said.

“He called Saturday and tried to get me to recant my statement,” he said.

Duplantis said he had a bruise on his elbow from the skillet.

Larpenter said jail medical staff examined both trusties and discovered no significant injuries.

Dardar, Oubre and Duplantis all gave written statements, he added.

“They all admitted to horseplay,” Larpenter said, adding that such physical contact between jailers and inmates violates jail policy. “Nobody should be doing that. Somebody could get hurt down the road.”

Dardar was placed on a two-week suspension without pay for his role in a 2002 incident involving MTV’s Steve Glover, known as Steve-O from the show “Jackass,” during a wild night at the former Abyss club in Houma.

During the July 11 performance at the nightclub, Glover allegedly set his hair on fire, chewed glass and tacked his scrotum to his upper thigh using an industrial stapler. A barroom bouncer also slammed a teen-age spectator to the ground during an onstage stunt.

On a video tape of the night, which resulted in obscenity charges and principal to battery charges against Steve-O and the club owners, Dardar is seen punching one man who volunteered for Steve-O’s masochistic act and kicking another in the groin. Authorities said his punches were staged and full force was not used.

No criminal charges were filed against Dardar, who was off-duty at the time, though Larpenter questioned his judgement in a 2002 interview with The Courier.

source: http://www.houmatoday.com/article/20080402/NEWS/472775086/1025/NEWS&source=RSS

Former jailer locked up

 A former jailer in Claiborne Parish has returned to the detention center, but not to work. He was booked for stealing an inmate’s identity.

Jonas Tims says his dogs do a great job protecting his property. Unfortunately the dogs couldn’t do a thing to protect this 85-year old’s identity.

Captain Donald Malray with the Homer Police Department says Fontonio Carter, 22, confessed to stealing Tims’ information, then opening more than dozen credit card and bank accounts. Authorities say he blew through more than $70,000.

It started around October, one month after Tims was booked into the Claiborne Parish Detention Center for DWI. Carter is the one who booked him. That’s how investigators say he got all of Tims’ information.

Investigators say besides the credit cards, Carter confessed to writing at least two bogus checks for $20,000 each. He told the bank he was Tims’ grandson and the money was for college.

Tims can laugh now, but he wasn’t laughing when he found out Carter used his name to buy a brand new car. Something this retired marine hasn’t been able to do for thirty years. Tims says he can’t wait for the day when his life returns to normal.

Police say Carter deposited at least $6,000 into his girlfriend’s checking account. She is also under investigation.

source: http://www.ktbs.com/news/Former-jailer-locked-up-10364/

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