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  1. Smuggle Contraband into a High Security Prison.
    From the Philadelphia news leader: Prison official arrested for smuggling – 2/11/09 – Philadelphia News –

    NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA – February 11, 2009 (WPVI) — Philadelphia Police have arrested a man for allegedly trying to smuggle contraband into a high security prison.

    The Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center is a maximum security prison which houses high custody inmates including those convicted of murder or multiple murders.

    “We have people trying to sneak contraband in the jail everyday,” Lorenzo North of the Prison Guards Union said.

    A sign outside warns that all people entering are subject to search, but the distinction here, is that the person charged with trying to smuggle contraband into the prison is 43-year-old Anthony Fox, the mental health psychiatric counselor at the facility.

    “That person is a first level practitioner who offers counseling and diagnosis for patients who are either suffering mental distress or seriously mentally ill,” Prisons Commissioner Louis Giorla said.

    Acting on a tip, correctional officers were blown away when they say he was trying to sneak in a tightly wrapped package which contained 13 clear plastic baggies of a white powdery substance suspected of being heroin, a large bag with what was believed to be marijuana, and two security screw drill bits used to open up light fixtures and various panels in a cell.

    The Commissioner of Prisons was stunned that the alleged perpetrator trying to sneak such stuff in was Anthony Fox, the trusted prison psychiatric counselor:

    “The quantity of the drugs and the fact that he possessed tools that could be used as instruments of escape,” Giorla said.

    The question of who he may have allegedly been trying to help escape and give drugs too and why is still under investigation.

    “It’s very disconcerting in one respect because it was an employee who was engaged in the activity, the criminal activity, however, it’s also very rewarding that my staff was alert,” Giorla said.

    Prison Guard
    Union President North says correctional officers should be commended for averting what could have been a calamity.

    “We do the job and we do it well, all we’re asking the mayor is give us a good contract now, we’ve been working without a contract for a year,” North said.

    Anthony Fox continues to be held here at Northeast Detectives. He will be arraigned with possession of narcotics with intent to deliver, contraband, possession of an instrument of crime and related offenses.

  2. Internet Sex Case
    February 12, 2009

    A Palmer Township man who sent videos of himself to an undercover agent posing as a young girl was sentenced today to as many as 16 years in state prison.

    “Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned, and maybe I’m a little too conservative, but I just don’t understand these deviant acts,” Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano told Michael R. Schatzabel, 59. “It disgusts me.”

    Schatzabel, of 3002 Oregon St., in November pleaded guilty to eight felonies — six of unlawful contact with minors and one each of possessing child pornography and criminally using communications. Schatzabel admitted that in several months in 2007 he sent explicit videos over the Internet to an investigator in the state attorney general’s office who posed as girls as young as 12. A computer seized at his home also contained child pornography.

    Giordano set 15 months as the minimum jail time Schatzabel must serve before he is eligible for parole. But because Schatzabel was convicted of sex offenses, he is likely to be in jail far longer before the state parole board allows him to be released.

    The sentence came despite impassioned pleas from Schatzabel’s wife, children, friends and attorney, Philip Lauer. They said Schatzabel, a former Northampton County Prison guard, is a good and caring man who was overcome by alcoholism after he suffered a heart attack and became deeply depressed.

    “Whiskeyb4breakfas” was Schatzabel’s online user name, and Lauer said he was often drunk by 10 in the morning.

    “I’m having a difficult time living inside myself,” said Schatzabel, who attempted suicide after his arrest. “The only hope I have is my family and friends. I want to try to make myself better.”

    Schatzabel will be required to register with the state as a sex offender for 10 years after he is released from prison.

  3. Officer accused of sex with offender

    Friday, 06 February 2009

    A Carbon County drug court supervisor is accused of having sex with an offender and tampering with drug tests. Melanie Madill is charged in state court with custodial sexual relations and five counts of evidence tampering. All the counts are felonies punishable by up to five years in prison.

    Madill was a jail corrections officer supervising offenders who were participating in the county’s drug court. Carbon County Attorney Gene Strate said Madill developed a romantic relationship with an offender and then began helping him pass drug tests.

    “She was tampering with the test to make the test come out favorable to the subjects,” Strate said. “It appears on some tests she was substituting clean urine for urine from the subject.”

    Madill then began helping a friend of that offender pass his drug tests, Strate said. In all, Madill may have helped four offenders pass drug screenings, he said.

    Utah law forbids sex between law enforcement officers and inmates or people under state supervision.

    Madill is free on $15,000 bail. Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova on Friday said there also is an administrative investigation into Madill.

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  5. Two prison guards arrested for beating inmate; threaten woman that reported them
    By WINK News

    Story Created: Mar 2, 2009 at 6:07 PM EDT

    Story Updated: Mar 4, 2009 at 3:16 PM EDT

    CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. – Two former employees of the Charlotte Correctional Institution state prison, in Charlotte County, have been arrested on multiple charges.

    William Langenbrunner and David Cox are accused of felony battery on a prisoner with malicious or great bodily harm. The two also face misdemeanor fraud charges for filing false reports about the incident.

    The incident happened on December 16th, 2008, but the men were just arrested over the weekend. Both men were fired from the prison prior to their arrests.

    A third man, Shaun Oppe, was also fired from the prison. WINK News cannot confirm if he will also be facing charges.

    WINK News has obtained the Florida Department of Corrections Inspector General report on the incident. The report shows prison guards used force on a prisoner following a verbal exchange of words.

    The report says one guard repeatedly kicked the prisoner in the head, legs and groin area while he was being held down by two other guards. The inmate received a number of injuries from the beating, but did not receive any broken bones. One of the guards holding the prisoner started the incident by tackling the prisoner following an exchange of words but no physical threats.

    According to the report, the prisoner was handcuffed at the time of beating.

    The report says the guards threatened the nurse who reported the abuse incident. The threats were made directly to the nurse. The report also says the guards, amongst themselves, discussed what to do with the nurse.

    The beating occurred in a medical exam room. According to the report the nurse who reported the beating was ordered to leave the room by the guards at the time of the beating.

    The report then continues to read that the guards conspired to come-up with a cover story so only one guard at most would get into trouble.

    • I think all the jails should have an undercover agent there because these so called correctional officers are a piece of crap they like to abuse people’s kids and don’t have no consiquence for there actions unless its reported wat about the ones who don’t report wat happen to them they will continue getting abused….this government system needs to be looked over in the jail they breaking laws. And thats not wat was taught to them in school

      • This is so true. There’s a jail that needs to be investigated right now. I have mailed several letters to the Sheriff of a jail beginning last year where my son is currently incarcerated, and he’s still being abused. The sheriff has never responded to me, and they have violated my sons civil and constitutional rights. Who investigates jails outside of the safety of their administration?

      • This is why I quit working where I worked…

  6. because “you made me run”
    By WINK News

    Story Created: Mar 4, 2009 at 1:53 PM EDT

    Story Updated: Mar 4, 2009 at 2:19 PM EDT

    CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. – The third prison guard fired for a beating incident at the Charlotte Correctional Institution turned himself into the Charlotte County jail on Tuesday.

    Shaun Oppe, 29, and two other former prison guards were accused of beating a prisoner and lying to cover it up. Oppe has been charged with felony battery on a prisoner with malicious or great bodily harm and misdemeanor fraud. The fraud charge was made for filing a false report on the incident.

    The investigative report from the Florida Department of Corrections Office of the Inspector General accuses Oppe of repeatedly kicking a prisoner. The report had Oppe saying to the prisoner, “You made me run down here for no reason (explicative)”. The report also says Oppe was urged on by other guards to kick the inmate before a supervisor arrived in the area.

    According to the report Oppe kicked the inmate in the upper body, rib area, and groin while yelling obscenities at the inmate. After the incident, the inmate had blood covering his head and face.

    Oppe had to run to respond to an incident that started in a room where Oppe was not stationed. According to the report, the incident started when the inmate was tackled and struck by guards due to a verbal argument. The inmate was handcuffed at the time of the beating. The guards involved in the argument that allegedly led-up to the beating have also been fired and arrested.

    The incident happened on December 18, but the investigation just recently wrapped-up.

    CLICK HERE to read the Florida Department of Corrections Office of the Inspector General report. WARNING: The report includes graphic details of the beating and obscenities


      • Please go to Jacksonville News and search Ken Amaro….tell him your story!!!

      • I just left him a similar message on Columbia Correctional. If he gets another report maybe he will look into it!!!


    • my son was brutally beaten at rmc chipley .

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    Brainerd Minnesota

    From: Brainerd Dispatch News paper

    Sheriff’s employee arrested on drug charge
    WALKER – A part-time Cass County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher and jailer was arrested Friday on felony charges in an ongoing drug investigation by the sheriff’s department and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

    Bradley Fagerman was arrested about 8:30 p.m. Friday in the parking lot of a Walker area business, the sheriff’s department reported. On Monday he was charged in Cass County District Court with two counts of felony fifth-degree controlled substance crime.

    Sheriff Randy Fisher said Fagerman was immediately placed on administrative leave following his arrest.

    It is the third time within the past year that a sheriff’s employee has faced criminal charges.

    In September, Deputy Travis Mark Collette, 26, Brainerd, pleaded guilty to a DWI charge in Crow Wing County and was sentenced to two years supervised probation and ordered to pay $605 in fines. In November he filed a grievance over his demotion following the conviction and in February he filed a lawsuit against Cass County claiming the county violated Minnesota Data Practices Act by releasing to the public the name of a sheriff’s department employee and information related to a grievance he filed.

    Bradley Fagerman

    In December, Deputy Robert Karbowski was accused of submitting overlapping hour time sheets to claim pay for work during some of the same hours from Cass County Sheriff’s Department and Pike Bay Police Department between April and September 2007.

    Charges of felony theft, theft by false representation and presenting false claims to a public officer or body filed against Karbowski were dismissed in February as part of a plea agreement.
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  8. Is there any info on correctional officers in Riverhead jail on Long Island “going wrong”? Long Island/Suffolk County is the most difficult community to uncover wrong-doing by correctional officers. I believe that honest corrections officers fear reporting what they know goes on inside against inmates out of fear of repercussions. Abuse, beatings, deprivation of food, intimidation, bringing in drugs/cell phones, etc go without fear of punishment because the thug-like CO’s intimidate their co-workers into silence. It’s time for some God-fearing, honest CO’s to contact me, come forward and do the right thing on behalf of inmates who are being falsely accused of assault against the CO’s. Other CO’s whose conscience has been stirred, have come forward in many cases to do the right thing and expose the wrongs. These assault charges levied at inmates who are doing short sentences for mild crimes as drug use and other similar types, bring about serious charges that otherwise would never have occurred. The false charges brought against some inmates are to cover up the CO’s wrongdoing and assure them keeping their job as well as supporting any claims of injury. Wake up!!!!! Someone please come forward and help!!! You know the truth and need to expose it! Inmates are thought of as bad individuals and makes them easy prey for CO’s gone wrong. I’m not a psychologist that can give a name for this malady but it exists. We see time and time again corrections officers going wrong all across this nation. Don’t let the BAD CO’S give the GOOD CO’S a bad name. Even police officers have little respect for the field of CO’s because of the bad ones bringing about dishonor to those in uniform intended to uphold the law. There are a number of incidents that have taken place since the beginning of 2009 that have implicated some inmates in some pretty serious charges that have been falsely levied. PLEASE…..CONTACT ME at:

  9. All C.O.s have their own personal little families within the system. It’s like a community that only they belong to. It’s kind of like Highschool. There is scandal and drama galore. There is plenty of scandal at present.It isn’t of an illegal matter but of a moral (or immoral) matter. My colleague is having an affair with a fellow colleague who is married. He iniciated it but it is no excuse.Everyone acts like they don’t know just to talk about it behind their backs. The guy is married with three children! He most certainly isn’t the only one messing around on his wife and /or flirting with the female C.O.s at the least. Anyone else notice this trend among their male C.O.s?

  10. Thanks for the reply and candor. Adultery goes on in all walks of life just as illegal behavior does, too. Take a look at our financial institutions, collapsing because of the greed. How have these people gotten away with taking financial advantage of the masses? Their colleagues closed their eyes until some were men enough to stand up against the wrongdoing. As for scandal, are you referring to Riverhead jail? The last I heard adultery is illegal. Look across this country and read about those who are standing up and speaking out about the corruption inside their jails. The good guys are tired of the bad guys getting away with abusing inmates. Those in jail don’t have much option but to do as they are told. It takes a well disciplined CO to not take their frustration out on an inmate. I have a situation that is close to home where a loved one was beaten without provocation. We all know there are those who will attack others because they think they can and get away with it. On the streets as well as in the jails, both inmate and CO alike. So, if you or anyone has the spine to speak up truthfully and expose those who are taking advantage and abusing inmates, speak up.

  11. Adultery? Illegal my ass! There would be a hell of alot of people charged.Lol! It may be “illegal” according to the bible but noone sees it as illegal in society anymore.

    • As an Officer of the law, aren’t they supposed to be held to a higher standard?? After all they are the ones who enforce the law. If they have no morality, how can you trust them to not go beyond just screwing around on theri wives. it is a slippery slope and if they are already LYING and screwing around, how do you know they won’t lie on a police report. Since I have seen the system up close and personal, piss a officer off and he will write whatever he pleases, be it the truth or not. SCUM, all of them. I have yet to nmeet one who doesn’t have that glaze of I can take you out for I have the power and you don’t in his eyes.

  12. Please see for a story from the Las Vegas Sun on corruption of Nevada prison guards by Aryan Warrior gang members who are now on trial in Las Vegas in federal court.

  13. Hello, do you have any stats regarding correctional officer crime?

  14. Dear Friends,

    I am writing as a concerned citizen of this nation on behalf of Darrell Young (#34478), an inmate at South Dakota State Pententiary located in Sioux Falls, SD. I am outraged at the information that I recieved from him concerning his mistreatment at the prison, and ultimately, his absurd convictions and equally absurd sentences. Since the best part of his life is being taken away, can’t he at least be treated with respect and decency?

    I am including the 2 letters that I received from Mr. Young so that you can review them.



    Letter #1:
    Received July 2, 2009

    I am passing this along from gatherlostcommunity at yahoo.

    Members of the Community:

    I don’t know where to start as you know my wife is gone. I am alone. About 7
    months ago the prison found out and shit went down hill. I’ve been in and out
    of the hole so many times now I lost count. Things have been building for
    awhile On June 18, 09 they got me. I was ganged by the C/Os. I am sending the
    write up they used to justify it. [A copy is posted to
    gatherlostcommunity @yahoogroups. com Files section] It’s extremely unclear as to
    why anything happened. It doesn’t say why I was being cuffed up. It does not
    say why they hit me. I got pulled out of my cell I want to know why! Then I
    got hit in the head and went on a fight. There isn’t anything on this write up
    as all its to vague! So what’s up?

    June 18, 09 I got jerked out of my cell and slammed up against the bars by a C/O
    with a shield, cuffed up, hit in the temple by what I assume was a “slap jack.”
    I went on a fight and got hit again! I blacked out. I was on the floor being
    stomped on by the C/O’s. I was trying to curl up to defend myself but they held
    me down as I was being kicked. A C/O stomped on my head. I blacked out and an A
    Lieutenant Mary Rodelsky was kneeling down beside me telling them to stop! She
    saved me from them. She put herself between me and the C/O’s. She out ranked
    all the C/O’s so she took control of the situation. All I could do was cry I
    was so helpless They hurt me. I didn’t do anything. They had no reason to pull
    me out of my cell like that. Afterward Deputy Warden Slykhois came to the hole
    or cell to check on me and see how I was doing but I was still in shock.

    I refused health service and had them bring me straight to the hole isolation
    unit. When I got in here there was a piece of glass on the floor. HOW a piece
    of glass got into the isolation unit is a mystery to me!

    I am not proud of my actions, but I cut both wrists and was taken to health
    service then to Jamison and placed into a ward cell where there was a razor
    blade out of a face razor. Again, how such a thing got into the hole is
    anyone’s guess. But I think we all know!

    They wanted me to kill myself. I realized this an turned the blade on my face.
    I sliced my face and then swallowed the blade. A few minutes later a C/O forced
    me to uncover myself and made me cuff(cough?) up. I was again taken to health
    service then placed in mental health where I slept for 5 full days. On June 23,
    09 I was transferred up here to the isolation unit. Nobody has asked me if I’m
    ok. Nobody has asked why I did it neither!

    They put me here to keep me quiet. Nobody talks to me, not even the C/Os I
    would consider someone I knew. In fact, one C/O said we are not allowed to
    speak to you Mr. Young. So now what? What next? I mean it. What do I do now?
    I can’t handle this on my own and I am scared. For the first time in my life I
    am afraid to lose my baby girl again and I will not leave her without a father
    again. So what do I do??? I got 90 days in the hole. I don’t even know how
    long I’ve been here now. It feels like its only been a day cause I’ve slept so
    many days away. I’m just really hungry! My head is throbbing and I feel like
    I’m hanging over or I’ve got the flu. But I am just so tired.

    Special Security confiscated my $600.00 guitar case. There was a motor handle
    inside it. I totally forgot about it, honestly! If it was actually “there” its
    been there for years. Cause if you remember I got written up several years ago
    over that same motor. I got a $50.00 fine for it!

    Here is the thing what’s going on with the guitar??? If I lost it they have to
    allow me to send it out, its in their own policy!!! And no way I’ll let them
    steal it from me! Its my best friend in this hell. Plus $600.00 Fuck that! If
    they make me forfeit it I get to send it out, “BUT” in the disciplinary section
    it says I only got 20 days DS nothing about forfeit of the guitar but what do I
    do now???

    First they ganged me, Fucked me up, Stomped on me and my head. Now they got my
    guitar and my medicine bag they ripped it off my neck No it broke! A C/O was
    trying to choke me with the cord and it broke. They are going to kill me, watch
    Everything is on camera! The cell hall is plastered with cameras! There is no
    way it wasn’t video taped!

    I’m sorry this isn’t a better post. I’m extremely depressed right now and they
    won’t give me stamps to mail anything out either so I don’t know when I’ll be
    able to send this to you. I don’t even know who’s going to post it. First
    person that writes I guess, I’ve no addresses with me.

    I’m going back to sleep I still hurt all over.

    Bigsis’ open the community ..make it an open discussion board like before so
    anyone can join and participate. Next lets do another phone campaign. Pass
    this post around. I had a conversation with Assoc. Warden Young about a month
    ago about this so it is on record!!! There is a letter in my file written to
    him about this–written a full month prior to this situation. I knew it was
    coming and I tried to stop it a month before it happened whether or not he had
    anything to do with it I do not know!.! But I did warn him it was going to
    happen! He did not believe me!!! Now what?

    He said I was just paranoid but I seen it coming! and I tried to stop it before
    it happened. Those of you who know me know I know things this is proof
    positive! Its a fuckin’ curse!

    We need to do another phone campaign. Call the prison ask why? Ask about my
    guitar, ask what’s being done.

    If you talk to Assoc. Warden Young, ask him if I warned him a month prior this
    was going to happen! Ask him why nothing was done to prevent it.

    Pass this post around to your Kolas. Post it on every Native web site. Every
    message board, chat room, everywhere!

    If you are reading this, help me please Let them know I am not alone and that
    you out there know!!!

    Call or contact, email
    South Dakota State Governer Rounds
    SDSP Warden Weber
    SDSP Assoc. Warden Young
    SDSP Deputy Warden Slykhois
    Unit Manager West Hall Woodward
    Lieutenant C/O Mary Rodelsky


    Pass this post to everyone the more phone calls the better!

    Don’t allow this to happen to another Indian inmate!

    I’m not asking for money. Just a few minutes of your time. Your voice. Help
    me Please I can’t handle this on my own

    Post this on every Native discussion Room, Website, message board. Pass it to
    your friends every chat room. Pass it around. I just need your voice. You
    helped me before, now help me again!

    Darrell W. Young
    SDSP (South Dakota State Penitentiary)
    PO Box 5911
    Sious Falls, SD 57117-5911

    Letter #2:
    Received Sept. 1998

    My name is Darrell W. Young. I am a member of the Rosebud Lakota Sioux Tribe. I am writting from my cell in the South Dakota State Pennitentary….
    I was incarerated on a charge of aggravated assault that was never committed… This is my story…
    I was raised to stand up and fight for what I believe in. When I was old enough to speak my mind I did so… I was still too young to do anything else but stay in the back ground. I quickly found out nobody was interested in what a young Native American had to say. My people had talked to the white man for generations with our lips. But he has no ears to hear. No eyes to see. No heart to feel.
    When I was older I started reading books such as ‘In the Spirit of Crazy Horse’ and ‘Custer Died for Your Sins’, just to name a few. I always knew of the fight against Racial discrimination and Ethnic Cleansing my people had been fighting for hundreds of years.
    My main objective was the Pennington County Court System and Law Enforcement located in Rapid City, South Dakota. I attended many Civil Rights rally’s over the years protesting the foul treatment my people (Native Americans)were receiving by the hands of the local law enforcement and court system.I later found out just how hard it was to speak out against the law. Because they have a way of making a Native American disappear. The Pennington County Sheriff and Rapid City Police Department will find a way to take you down. It’s always open season on Mister Indian….

    In 1994 I was confronted by a Raipd City Police Officer. He confronted me by running up from behind me with his weapon (pistol) drawn and pointing at my chest. I turned around to defend myself, not knowing it was a police officer. I had a peice of rebar in my hand. At this time,another officer ran up on the other side of me and smashed my wrist with his flashlight. Breaking my wrist as a result of his attack.
    I was then taken to the ground, handcuffed, kicked a few times by one of the officers, and taken into custody. The assault from the officers was unjustified. As a result I was charged with two (2) counts of aggravated assault and one (1) count of possesio of a concealed weapon. Which later justifed their attack- unproven attack on my person.
    One of the 2 aggravated assaults charged was dropped, the other dropped to a simple assault. I received one year in the Pennington County Jail.
    The Pennington County Court System controls Indian people through fear, intimidation, and a form of black mail. But they don’t call it that. They call it justice and due process, but where is the due process when the cops are at fault?
    I came to understand that whites are determined to keep me out of their society. The problem therefore, is not one of legal status, it is one of cultural and injustice.
    Two years later in 1996 I was arrested for burglary, by entering an occupied structure. I could not afford an attorney so I was given a Public Defender. The States Attorney offered a Plea Bargain.I took the Plea Bargain after my attorney told me how long I was looking at.

    My Public Defender was quick to point out-after my accepting the plea- ‘The only time they offer a Plea Bargain is when they don’t have a good case against the defendant.’I later found this out. Burglary in South Dakota carries a 25 year prision sentence. Before I took the plea bargain, my Public defender told me if I took the Plea Bargain I would only receive 30 months in prision and be out in 6 months. He failed to tell me I had to take parole (which I didn’t want) to be out in 6 months. I was only serving 30 months in prison so I denied parole and did the time and got out. I used the time to get my GED, it was time well spent.
    In my life I refused to be “whitemanized”, an apple- red on the outside and white on the inside. Or a hang-around-the-fort Indian. So I educated myself in my Indian Heritage and Culture. I learned how to survive the white mans world. A world controlled my people who think they are superior because of the color of their skin. Not all white people are like this. Most are decent people who themselves don’t agree with the unjust treatment my people received in the past.
    In the past, my people were treated much worse than now a days, back then they had a reason…. they wanted our land….
    For example of the treament we Indians receive now a days, a couple of weeks after I was released from the Pennington County jail, my young brother and myself was walking down the street on our way home. When the same police officer who had broken my wrist and arrested me one year before, pulled his police car along side us and asked where we were going and coming from. I told him it was none of his business!

    He then got out of his car and proceeded to interigate us. I told him we had done nothing wrong! I told my brother not to say a thing. I asked the police officer why he was questioning us? He then proceeded to search us and pat us down. I then told him it was an Illegal Search. At that time, three (3) white people were walking by and stopped. One of them asked the officer if he was searching us because we were Native Americans? The officer told them to be on their way, that it didnt concern them. I asked them to stay and watch how us Indians get treated by ‘White Cops’. Without another word, the officer stopped his interigation and got into his car and left.
    I shook the hands of the white men and thanked them for staying. There is always danger for us Indians. That one little incident will set off a major confrontation. This is a good example from my own personal experience.\par
    In 1998 I participated in a march-rally in Porcupine, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I had no ride to Porcupine so I hithc-hiked from Rapid City, South Dakota. the weather that day was below zero, but it was a good day. I was proud to participate. The march was organized by the American Indian Movement, better known as AIM.
    I remember telling my kola (freind), who also hitch-hiked, we are all different and have all come here for different reasons, but look around…. we are all here as one nation! After I seen so many of my people, both young and old, suffering from the cold yet not wanting to go home. I was proud to be Lakota!…..
    Nothing could take that feeling away from me…..

    We marched from the Porcupine District to the Wounded Knee District on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. After the march,I told myself ‘we live in a society that don’t want us…. still we survive…..
    on May 6th 1998, I was arrested once again on an aggravated assault, which was never committed!
    I was incarerated in the Pennington County Jail in Rapid City. I could not afford an attorney so I was once again assigned a Public Defender, who was only interested in getting paid.
    During all court proceedings, my public defender did nothing to help me. At the Preliminary hearing the victim described to the state what had happened on May 4th, 1998. The victim had claimed that I had pulled a knife and swung it twice. This never happened!! At the hearing the victim failed to come up with adaquate description of the kinfe. The knife the victin had discribed had been in a pawn shop for a couple weeks before the alleged assault happened. There was no knife!!!
    The victim’s family has strong ties with the Pennington County States Attorney’s Office and the Pennington County Clerk of Courts Office. The family has used this influence against me while I was being detained in the jail awaiting trial. I knew this influence would make it difficult to have a fair trial…. I told this to my public defender on many occasions, but still he did nothing to help me.
    I feel that my attorney was and is Deliberate Indifferent with my case, by my attorney being Deliberate Indifferent it assured a conviction in my case.

    I wrote letters and voiced my opinion on this matter along with discrimination and Ethnic Cleansing against my people by the Pennington Court System. All I received in return was worse treatment.
    I wrote numerous letters to different Civil Rights Organizations but I am only another inmate. Just another number with no name. No one had an ear to hear what I had to say.
    On August 6th 1998, I had enough abuse by the system. I escaped from the Pennington County Jail. I attempted to find someone who would listen to what I had to say. In fact I did find others, but they couldn’t help unless I turned myself in. I wanted to turn myself in, but I was afraid to return to Rapid City. I was afraid of what would happen to me if I was back on custody of the Pennington County Jail. I was also afraid of being arrested by a trigger-happy cop.
    The media was ignoring me when I was in jail. I knew I had to get some media attention. I was in this time I came to realize that if I behave like a good little Indian, nobody gave a damb of what i had to say. But as soon as I escaped the media was all over me. Now I had to find a way to get that media attention to help me. I wrote more letters, this time to the newspapers and television stations explaining my reasons for escaping.
    One television station, or should I say radion station, agreed to entertain me. But on the way to the station I seen many law enforcement officers attempting to hide and capture me. I was a wanted man and had a bounty on my head. The radio station I had called about the interview tried to set me up. I was one step ahead of the law.

    At that point I proceeded to leave Rapid City again.
    A few days later I attempted to contact a Rapid City Police officer who I knew I could trust. There are only two Native American officers in the law enforcement in Rapid City. The officer was on duty at the time I called and could not be reached and I didn’t want to leave my name. So I tried to contact him another time. I wasn’t abou tto give a white cop the glory of bringing me in.
    Two weeks after my escape I found myself in North rapid, I knew my ina (mother) would not be home so I went to her house. The next morning I awoke and looked out the window. The house was surrounded by every availiable law enforcement officer in Rapid City- all with a gun in hand. At that point I was ready to die for what I beleived was right. But I wasn’t willing to jeopardize the lives of my family by putting them at risk of being struck down by a bullet meant for me. I beleive the police and sheriff deputies were hoping I would step out in the open where they could shoot me down.
    At that point I took my canupa (ceremonial pipe) and went to the attic. My reason for going to my ina’s home in the first place was to get my canupa. I had the need to make myself holy….
    While in the attic I smoked the pipe and said a prayer to Tunkashila and prepared for the worst. I was un-armed and outnumbered 10 to 1 so I gave up. The Native American Officer was the only officer I would surrender to, so he was there.
    When I came out of the attic I told the police and sherriff deputies I was un-armed and would go quietly with Officer Big Eagle!

    I refused to give my canupa to a white officer so Officer Big Eagle took it at my request and put it on my ina’s bed in her room and closed the door. I was then returned to jail.
    A few hours after my return to jail, my ina was arrested and taken to jail. Upon her incarceration, I was forced to witness the Pennington County Jail Officers beat up my ina in front of the cell that I was in. I couldn’t do anything but watch and bang on my door- which got me nto more trouble. Pounding on my cell door lead me to be placed in another cell with no view.
    After I was in this cell, a Pennington Jail Officer started making jokes about how they had taken my mother down. I didn’t find this joke funny at all!
    The officer did this taunting by talking into the intercom to my cell. At that time, I tore the shelf out of the wall and smashed the intercom. The officers then asked for the shelf, so I gave it to them without argument. This took place on August 20th 1998, the day after my ina and myself were arrested.
    On August 21st 1998, the same jail officer that taunted me the previous day, came to my cell (holding #1) and started making jokes about my ina and I. I then started kicking the cell door. I was then placed in a four (4) point restraint chair for 11 hours.
    From the time of my arrest on August 19th 1998, I was left in booking until September 1st 1998. I was unable to use the phone or write a letter. I wasn’t allowed recreation due to the fact the cell I was located in was in the Pennington County Jail Booking. My meals consisted of 1 sandwich and 1 milk each meal, 3 times a day. I was constantly tormented by gaurds due to escape.

    I felt as if I was being treated as a POW- Prisioner of War!
    After I was moved from booking and placed in cell block #7 cell #5 I was treated with the same disregard.
    On September 2 1998, I took a stand and was sprayed with O.C. spray (pepper spray). At that time an officer was assaulted and I was charged with another aggravated assault. I was at the point where I was anticipating an attack, so I did what I had to do to defent myself. Prior to the assault, the officer handcuffed my hands behind me and had my legs shackled together.
    After the assault I was sprayed with OC (pepper spray). One officer held my eyes open with his fingers while another officer sprayed directly into my eyes. The ail officers then put me in a four point restraint chair and took me down to booking. They denied my request to wash the OC sray out of my eyes and kept me in the four point restrain chair for a long period of hours. While I was in the chair, a jail officer was telling me that ‘the next time you feel violent again, you will feel this pain again. Let that memory control you!’
    Those words are burned in my mind. Like it happened yesterday.
    The next day, September 3rd, I plead guilty to all charges against me. I wasn’t in the right state of mind when I entered this plea. I was going to plead innocent until rail roaded…..
    On September 15th 1998, I had my pubic defender file a motion to allow me to withdraw my plea.
    My pubic defender and I had a conflict of interest at this time and he filed a motion to be allowed to withdraw as attorney of record. So at that time I was confused with court proceedings and unable to argue my case to court.

    On September 16th 1998, I was sentenced to 15 years for aggravated assault, the one I didn’t do…… I was sentenced to 10 years for escape and 10 years for Intentional Damage to Proerty, and 5 years for the assault on the officer. All to run wild… What I mean by wild is all my sentences are running consecutively to the other. Which makes a total of 40 years in prison.
    On September 16th 1998, I was sentenced to the South Dakota State Pennetentary and on September 22nd 1998 I arrived here in Sioux Falls. I was put in the hole, right off the trasport bus, and put in the Adminitrative Segragation section of the prison. I’ve been here since….
    This is my story….
    Lakota Pride,
    Darrell W Young

    Darrell Young #33416
    South Dakota State Pennententary
    PO Box 5911
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5911


    Thank you so much for your time! I am certain that you will give it your utmost to help put a stop to this discrimination and injustice to seek peace, prosperity, and protection to ALL citizens of South Dakota.

    My contact info is…

    Nichole Nazelrod
    3061 Mountain Road
    Mercersburg, PA 17236
    (717) 498-0137

    You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania!

    Pila maye,


    “If voting could change anything, it would be illegal!”
    -Russell Means, 2007

    • i am sorry for what has happen to u but i no what u sorta was going thur my husband went to jail on thur and wed to hosipail on sunday and woke up in icu week lter with all kind of problems and now the jail will not let us have no paper work about nothing so we are getting lawyer he has broke shoulder and all kind of bad health problems now he dont and yea it camera but u think they did somethign with them and if any intmates saw anythat happe u think they going to say no cause then they be cause nisite well i am gettign lawyer onthis case and i am having something done but i feel for u man and dont think u not the only one out here this happen in little state of georgia so and it was just in jail not prison and the jail is bad as the damn prisons around here but i am on ur side i no what u going thur and i hope u have good luck in the furthure and i will pray for everything to go right for u and ur family just have faith and pray and cry the tear u cry is calling for god and he feels u have good day freind

    • Abuse is abuse… One can convince themselves that they have proper reasoning for their abuse (as any abuser will) weather it be because you are a Native American, black, white (yes they get it too), females or males. It’s abuse of the system. It’s abuse of their power. It’s abuse of our rights and freedoms. It’s just abuse. We need to find a way to keep abusive people OUT OF OUR SYSTEM AND AWAY FROM POSITIONS OF POWER. The community must educate themselves about everything about abuse. The dynamics of abuse, the cycles, the insane qualities of the people who abuse. Don’t just sit around, educate yourself at the very least. Be aware. I have… and sad to say, ABUSE IS EVERYWHERE!

  15. Hi, I’m trying to find out what happened to these correctional officers that allegedly beat some inmates. Do you know how to find out if this case is still pending or if the county settled out-of-court? I’m particularly interested in the correctional officer Aaron Roberts and wonder if he’s still being charged for the beating. I appreciate your time!

    A federal grand jury and the FBI have joined an investigation of whether Lake County Jail corrections officers violated the civil rights of three inmates who alleged they were beaten last year.

    Meanwhile, the Lake County Sheriff said Wednesday an internal investigation revealed that surveillance video pertaining to at least one of the alleged beatings was “erased, tampered with or concealed.”

    “Clearly part of their (federal agents’) investigation will look into the possibility of conspiracy and obstruction of justice,” Sheriff Rogelio “Roy” Dominguez said.

    A team of a dozen FBI agents collected jail records Wednesday, Dominguez confirmed. Dominguez said he invited the federal help to crack “a code of silence” among what he called a small group of the jail’s staff of more than 170 corrections officers.

    Wendy Osborne, a spokeswoman for the FBI, and Mary Hatton, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Hammond, confirmed the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice have opened a civil rights investigation into the matter.

    The grand jury subpoenaed video tapes and digitally-stored data from the jail’s surveillance system, recorded police radio or telephone conversations, authorities said.

    The sheriff said the cases involve inmates Paul Todd, 52, of Cedar Lake who reportedly suffered head injuries Oct. 30; Leonel Erazo, 31, of East Chicago, who suffered a broken nose Nov. 29; and Tommy Dean Ford, 42, of Gary, who was briefly hospitalized for multiple injuries following a Dec. 26 incident.

    Merrillville attorney Trent McCain, who represents Todd and Erazo, said Wednesday the FBI had interviewed Todd in February.

    “We are delighted the grand jury has initiated their investigation and are confident the truth will come out,” McCain said.

    The sheriff previously identified six correctional officers involved in the Ford incident as William Brown, Pedro Elizondo, David Negrete, Aaron Roberts, Jeff Stillwell and Jonathon Stillwell.

  16. Hey, my name is Blaine Jackson. I am featured in one of the articles on this page. I found the page when i google imaged my own name and saw the image of my badly beatin face. If you could be so kind and please remove the image from your page it would be greatly appreciated. I do understand your cause but please do me a favor and remove the photo to save me from any future embarassment.

  17. need help! my husband is taylor annex in perry florida. i just got a letter from him ,he told the abusse the guards have with hispanic immate,include him is in confimen in this moment. ihave the names of the guards ,something happend to my husband ,in there is the way this policeman do to the inmates.i wants help somebody can help me .how make a report or talk to me …plese is very important …i need help..i want to this stop or how cant get a transfer to my husband to another location or prison ,,sorry i dont write a good inglish …..plz email me ..and let me now .thank you for your help

    • i tell u what i would do and i would look up the name of the town coucol or the county correction office ike here it is ga deprtment of correction it can be fla dpeartment of crrection or something like that and i would be getting of the phoen and calling and tell someone there i can be stop i had it done to friend he was in just little prison here in the town but ga correction was over it and thye was not letting him have his visit like suppose and he done nothing wrong so yea i would be caling the man over all the town and have something done cause u never no what can happen in next time

  18. I am a former BOP inmate who is writing a book and looking for former BOP employees willing to speak/write honestly.
    Please contact at:
    Thank you,

  19. To whom it may concern, I’m a WGA screenwriter working on an assignment. I have some questions about prison procedures in the event of an escape. When does the US Marshals come in (if at all) who holds the most authority, etc.

    Can anyone help? Please email me at


  20. Hey my name is blaine jackson. If you google image my name, my face pops up after i got a nice little beat down from the sacraemnto sheriffs dept. The image is on this website and i would really like for it to be taken down. Having a picture of one of the worst moments of my life posted on the int. is pretty embarracing to say the least. If you could please contact me or just take down the pic i would be for ever greatful

  21. I am horrified at the level of unprofessionalism with our correctional officers in the R.I. prisons. These officers mistreat inmates and think they are above the law. Wrong! Correctional officers need to KNOW they will be dealt with in a criminal case if they mistreat inmates.

  22. Check out the new paperback Vermont C.O. The Truth of Attrition by Ryan Mason ISBN 978-061-526-7548
    This exposes the real reason contributing to Vermont C.O.’s having the highest turnover by the hundreds in Vermont state employment.

    Within one month of its publication the governor took one full C.O. position for each one year of the author’s life (44 CO’s) and permenantly cut that amount of C.O.’s from the DOC buget representing a first every five percent cut of their total force.

    One week after that the Vermont Correctional Academy had their lease instantly terminated from their prior and long time venue.

    Two weeks after that the superintendant was fired and his assistant removed from the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility.

    No other book published in the state has ever had such impact.

    Vermont also has the highest rate of Police Misconduct in the Nation. That’s in the Nation.

  23. My son James Lunedei in M.C.I.C.J. in S. Walpole MA was assaulted by a c.o. for being mouthy but for the co to hit him so hard with a club sending him to Shattuck Hosipital with internal bleeding of the left ear and consequently James has frequent head and ear pain and loss of hearing…..thats just wrong….what can be done is there any help out there for these assaults?
    Now he has to do the rest of his short term in the DDU. and face assault charges against him in wrenthem court which we know will be dismissed.

  24. Only ONE year, hmm wonder why!?

  25. A New Book: Ruins of a Society and the Honorable, ISBN: 978-0-578-04343-2, is an autobiography and a story based on real life circumstances as Al Bermudez Pereira lived it and remember it to the best of his knowledge and recollection. Names have been changed to protect sources from reprisals and legalities. Real names contained in this book were either approved by the individuals personally; were part of a publication made available to the public and encrypted in citations or were spoken of by Bermudez in honorability; while others are based on personal opinions. This book contains incidents which took place in one day and a half while at a prison where he worked and outside the prisons environment. It then sidetracks to speak of other stories, voice opinions and reflects on his life as a young Latino growing up in Brooklyn and abroad. This book honors many who crossed paths with Bermudez during his lifetime, who inspired him and whose recognition is well deserved. Honorableness can be described in many different definitions and involve many different circumstances that led him to honor who he felt deserves to be honored, and indeed an honor for him to do so. Although 75 percent of this book is based on prison experiences, other parts of this book relates to the many life encounters we’ve all experienced in our own lives. In reference to autobiographies and real life circumstances concerning prison life, this will be Al Bermudez’s final book. Throughout this book, the actual story stops with an asterisk, (*) to voice an opinion or explain a different set of circumstances; then it continues onto the actual story with the words. (STORY CONT)

    “Nominated for 2009 Best Autobiography / Biography”
    —Multicultural Literature Advocacy Group, Living in Lietrary Color Awards

  26. Ruins of a Society and the Honorable, ISBN: 978-0578043432, my new book speaks of corruption within the prison, corrupt Correction Officers, abuse of inmates and abuse of officers, corrupt criminal attorneys who were arrested, indicted and sentence to life in prison while reprsenting a man in a murder trial. That man was convicted, sentence to 15 years and served 25 years in state prison. That convicted man was my younger brother.

    Ruins of a Society and the Honorable pulls no punhces, tells it like it is and seeks solutions to the most common prison questions. It explains why the most problematic inmates are child molester and rapist. Suicide among inmates and officers, a prostitution ring run by female correction officers who were once prostitute on streets of NYC and later became officers with a male inmate pimp in charge of operations.

    Serial killers, celebrity inmates, former doctors and law enforcement all locked up in one unit.

    Ruins of a Society and the Honorable, has just been,

    “Nominated for 2009 Best Autobiography / Biography”
    —Multicultural Literature Advocacy Group, Living in Literary Color Awards

    Winners will be announced March 19, 2010 at Mobile, Alabama, check the MLAG website for details and to purchase a book visit or visit

  27. I received 5 days in jail for contempt of court and was subsequently raped while in chains on a gravel road by the transport guard during transport in the state of missouri out of independence missouri. he is in Absentia, and i believe his “buddies” aren’t even actively searching for him. The independence police harass me every chance they get by the way. he worked for integrity correctional facility. do you know of any other crimes commited by guards from this facility anywhere? they are in several states please let me know if you do. thank you, Ms. Morgan

  28. I was sexually abused by two women guards who took me to the bathroom during a visit to my exhusband I was violated 30 years ago which the effects have never stopped haunting me

  29. Franklin Co. correctional officers facing federal drug charges
    Posted: Oct 23, 2009 8:28 PM PDT
    Franklin Co. correction officer facing federal charges Kevin Still Franklin Co. correction officer facing federal charges Kevin Still
    Franklin Co. correction officer facing federal charges Sonya Symons Franklin Co. correction officer facing federal charges Sonya Symons
    Also on the Web

    View: Court documents detail federal drug charges

    SPOKANE, Wash. – Two Franklin County correctional officers are behind bars in the Spokane County Jail on federal charges of criminal conspiracy to distribute narcotics. Their arrest comes after a three month long investigation by the Tri-Cities Drug Task Force and the D.E.A.

    Court documents reveal that Kevin Still, a Franklin County corrections officer of 21 years and his live-in girlfriend Sonya Symons an officer for over 6 years are accused of attempting to purchase a large quantity of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

    It’s a plan, that documents reveal was very long and thought out, and involved Symons brother Troy Green of Spokane.

    The records show both Still and Symons did not have the money to place the order of marijuana themselves, but wanted to broker a deal for Symons brother, who would front them a portion of the order.

    According to the documents, the plan was, Green would buy marijuana for 3-thousand dollars per pound and still would receive a 500-dollar per pound brokerage fee, which he would re-invest in marijuana and sell himself for a profit.

    Through undercover D.E.A agents and the use of surveillance, a case was developed against both Still, Symons and Green. The investigation led them to north Spokane, where Green and Still were arrested after attempting to buy marijuana. Symons was later arrested in Pasco.

    In their court appearance today, a judge ordered them back into custody of the U.S. Marshall’s at the Spokane county jail until their bail hearing next Wednesday. The three could face up to 5 years in jail and no more than 250-thousand dollars in fines.

    Kaitlyn Buldoc
    KHQ Reporter

  30. Steven Seagal is being sued and the cops he works with hate him because he’s a braggart and no count.
    A prison guard in Pollock Louisiana got arrested yesterday for selling narcotics in prison. She was making 20K a week.

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  32. I am a girl who pretended to be a boy to make more money. I commited a crime and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. They sent me to San Quentin knowing I was a girl. From there I went to CMF where they confirmed I was a girl in all respects. From there I was sent to Folsom. In all prisons I was sent to they knew I was a girl yet they put me in general population where I was molested, raped and mentaly and physically abused by Correctiional Officers.
    I currently have a lawsuit in Federal court in San Franciso. I want people to know what CDCR is really like. I am also writing a book about it all. Any help I can get from an attorney would be more than welcome.

  33. What has happened to your site? No activity since February?

  34. Due to a false arrest report by a sociopath neighbor my son was arrested and put in the Citrus County jail in Lecanto. He was not allowed any visitors because when appointments were scheduled the jail canceled them. I hired a local attorney to have my son released but he failed. The attorney demanded a $5,000 check, did nothing and kept $1,700 as a fee???The local funeral director was appalled at the condition of my son’s body.His back, arms, buttocks were covered with cuts and there were ligature marks circling his wrists and ankles.There was no investigation into my son’s death by local law enforcement, the FBI, CCA, Florida Dept. of Corrections, State Attorney General etc. who were all notified my son’s death was due to suspicious circumstances. The guards in the jail are misfits who do not know their job is to safeguard prisoners, uphold the law, act with honesty and integrity and above all not to disgrace the badge they wear. Because of their actions, I had to see my boy lying in a coffin.The Citrus County deputies are sadistic bullies running around with guns. Their despicable behavior of brutality and sadism towards me and my son, arrest/incident reports with no basis in reality and arresting an innocent person because a sociopath neighbor and his family told lies, led to my son’s death. They are as guilty as the guards. What is wrong with U.S. enforcement agencies permitting U.S. citizens in U.S. jails/prisons to be murdered on a daily basis? Wake up America, not all people arrested are guilty, and the ones who are, should not be murdered by the guards who have sworn an oath to uphold the law.

  35. Is there any studies or research that you know of that has any information why a correctional or police officer flips over to the dark side? It’s one thing to point out that someone did something but totally another to understand why. Is it because of the relationships that are in a department that a officer says, screw it, I’m gonna show them, or they don’t care about me so I’m gonna take what I want. There has to be something internal why he/she is doing this to their department, to their community, to their family? Our officers have extensive back ground checks, lie detector checks, etc. I want to know why?

  36. Department of Justice
    Office of Public Affairs
    Friday, December 3, 2010
    Former Federal Correctional Officer Pleads Guilty to Civil Rights Violation and Obstruction of Justice
    WASHINGTON – Benjamin Montgomery, a former correctional officer at the U.S. Penitentiary in Atlanta pleaded guilty today to a two-count information charging him with civil rights crimes for assaulting an inmate and for subsequently writing a false report about the incident.

    According to the charging document and information presented in court, on June 2, 2010, Montgomery, while working as a correctional officer in the penitentiary, physically assaulted an inmate without legal justification and thereby violated the inmate’s constitutional right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. Additionally, Montgomery admitted that following the incident, he wrote a memorandum to his supervisor about his use of force in which he falsely accused the inmate of making aggressive movements toward Montgomery. Montgomery agreed he wrote the false memorandum in an attempt to impede the investigation of the inmate’s complaint.

    “Correctional officers are entrusted to perform their critical public safety duties and not to abuse the civil and constitutional rights of inmates under their supervision,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “Those officers who abuse their power and public trust will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

    U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said, “We recognize that correctional officers have a difficult job as they guard and protect inmates in our federal prisons. But under no circumstances can we allow an officer to abuse his power to commit violent and unnecessary assaults on an inmate, nor can we stand by and allow that officer to obstruct our investigations. The U.S. Attorney’s Office is committed to vigorously investigating and prosecuting any law enforcement officer who engages in such conduct.”

    Montgomery is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 24, 2011. The defendant faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison on the deprivation of rights charge and 20 years in prison on the obstruction of justice charge. Each count also carries a maximum fine of $250,000.

    This case was investigated by the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General. It is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Brent Gray and Trial Attorney Nicole Lee Ndumele of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

  37. Three Atlanta Officers have been arrested right on the Federal Ground on Dec 16,2010 More about this story will follow.

  38. It has come to my attention that Corrections Officer Barnes at the Sussex II State Prison in Waverly, VA has been abusing inmates if they don’t have sex with her, and getting away with it. Who should I report this to and what can I do about this? Any email addresses and contact numbers would be of great help. Thank you.

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    • i am clad u said soemthing about that my hushband ave t take shot of vitb12 once week and then one month for few month after he had bad seizuims and high blood pressure and now he had broke should after all he was in jail when all this happen so i just wondering they said the vit b12 shot is for the immuis sbody to getbetter his white blood count and stuff was reall low well he already had bed heart too so i need more infor on that shot i am going to look more about that thanks for the info

  40. I was set up via the State’s legal case website. I denied a trial and railroaded off to prison for eighteen months at a minimal facility prison in Union Grove, WI.

    When I was there I, like other inmates, I was assigned ‘house duties/chores’ to do on the ‘pre release’ of the institution. There was a ‘non pre release’ side where the inmate remained until it was decided that the inmate was ready to moved to the ‘pre release’ side which was also the area where inmates were allowed to go out into the community on work release.

    I fractured my back as a passenger in one of two auto accidents in 1991 prior to going to prison. I am also a survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome and suffer from neck & shoulder problems and other orthopedic ailments.

    I was assigned a two week assignment of cleaning/moping the bathroom floors when I arrived on the ‘pre release’ side of the institution.
    One morning, a few days after I had been assigned the latrine duty, I approached the Correctional Officer on the floor and asked if she could announce that the bathroom would be closed for cleaning. The CO snapped off and said “This is MY floor and I will not shut the bathroom down.” and “I don’t care what other CO’s do. I will not shut the bathroom down for you to clean.” It was standard protocol in the institution for the inmate to go to the CO to have the bathroom shut down for cleaning. I had never asked before but did that particular day because I was in pain from orthopedic issues and wanted to take my time doing it without being harassed by other inmates to hurry up.

    She also said that there were inmates returning from their jobs from the night shift and needed to use the bathroom. I told her that the second of two bathrooms on the floor would remain open while I cleaned the first one. She said that she “knew what it was like to work the night shift” and that they couldn’t or wouldn’t want to walk approximately twenty or thirty steps down the hall to the other bathroom that would remain open while I cleaned the first of two bathrooms on the floor.

    I honestly felt that I was being singled out and harassed. I was being targeted as being racist prior to that and had been for months. I was being targeted because my boyfriend who frequently visited me, a former Chicago cop from Bridgeport, IL is Italian and is racist. I taught college accredited computer courses while incarcerated for .35 cents per hour. (after being set up and incarcerated Humana rescinded their job offer that I had just landed and was so happy about paying $18 per hour with full benefits because the case posted to the State’s legal website and was viewed by Humana’s H/R dept in Louisville, TN)

    I felt like I was being discriminated against by the CO because I was white. It was as if she was taking pleasure in being mean to me and denying me the same privilege of shutting down the bathroom as others had done for them. She had also worked the ‘mail room’ position and read my letters from my friend, the Italian from IL. She denied me things like white socks that others had had as an example or some sort of distorted inference of a racist issue prior the ‘bathroom cleaning incident’ but I didn’t get upset about it but took it in stride.

    I thought prior to the ‘bathroom incident’ that the CO and I were on good terms. Which is why I said “Aw, come on Ms (co’s LAST NAME) are you sure it’s not just because” and pinched my left forearm with my thumb & index finger of my right hand.

    She became she yelled that she was not going to shut the bathroom down and that I should clean the bathroom. I proceeded into the bathroom but had to go potty first and entered the stall. I was mumbling to myself. She had positioned herself outside the stall and was listening, unknown to me. I cleaned the bathroom and then went to sit in the TV room.

    I sat and spoke to an inmate about my severe TMJ issues and how I need to go to a specialist. A former room mate entered the room and called me a nasty name which is used to refer to a female dog. She was a younger black girl and I was extremely upset and insulted. I never ever called anyone that. I did then because I turned to her and said “I’m not the (bad word), you are”.

    The CO heard it and called the Captain of the institution and I was thrown into segregation for over 21 days. The CO proceeded to write a three or four page report that contained predominantly lies. She called me crazy and said I was ranting and raving and made racial slurs which I didn’t. There was a bogus inmate advocate appointed to represent me at a bogus trial but it was all just one big joke.

    I sat in the ‘hole’ over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season of 2007. I am quite sure this ‘was’ the CO’s intention.

    I was born on Martin Luther King’s birthday. This is something that I’ve always been very proud of but as the years have gone by I’ve come to realize that ‘reverse discrimination’ does exist. I also believe that my having been born on January 15th in the year of tumultuous racial discourse in 1960 resulted in my being a Shaken Baby Syndrome victim.

    I was set up by an bar/resturant’s establishment in this state of WI because I had something that the women behind the bar wanted to see me loose, my job, my land and my life. This was brought on by their having looked me up on the state’s legal website. I tried desperiately to get a ride but was only met with hostile attitude and obsticals with every attempt. The place was located over a hundred miles south of where I lived at the time. I had it all going for me and ‘they’ wanted to see me fall.

    I do not understand how people can be so evil and worse how this state cannot see how it’s state’s legal website is being used for purposes for which it was not intended.

    I sometimes wish that the Internet would have been shut down in this state for a period of time like in the Middle East so as to give me an opportunity to find a job so potential employers couldn’t use the website to discriminate against me. It will be seven years Dec 29th of this year but I have come to realize after dealing with this state’s legal website that nothing changes in this state and nothing ever will. If a person made a mistake in their early twenties they’ll still find it posted online for the entire World to see over twenty years later where it can be used by potential employers to discriminate. It is use by so many other people too in everyday scenarios and is used to harass and ‘yes’ set up someone like what was done to me.

    I tried several times to secure a ride. Then they establishment management said that they were closing the place. I begged to stay for a bit until I could figure out what to do and was told that I couldn’t, that I had to leave. I went outside to the car. It was cold and I started the engine. Legally I had broken the law by doing this in itself. I second guessed myself and took the chance to drive. I was then called in by the establishment after I left the parking lot.

    I was made an ‘example of’ in front of the new bar tender trainee. I’m sure the bar manager/trainer had a little thrill out of knowing that she had just ruined my life which resulted in my being railroaded off to prison.

  41. Michigan Corrections officer found guilty by jury for four counts of felony theft from a building more than 1300.00. C/O Rodell Brown was found guilty for stealing cash from parole violators in the intake area of the Ryan Correctional Facility, located in Detroit. He will be sentenced April 22. Brown was a ” trusted” officer, given preferential treatment by Lt. V. Gauci and eventually showed his intent once given the chance.

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  43. a donovan guard was arrested a few months ago for child molistation or porn and I,ve not seen any reports on this they may be trying to hide the incident.

  44. A friend was recently released from Lowell Correctional Facility in Ocala, Florida. She needs help and advice regarding a predicament she is in. She is four months pregnant with an officer’s baby. The institution is aware of the matter and has disavowed all knowledge if she agrees never to sue DOC for PREA violations. She notified the baby’s father and he insists that DOC is lying and that if she has the baby they will arrest and convict him. She found out he is married, he lied to her and misled her, and she wonders if he is misleading her still. She is very confused and doesn’t know what to do. Is this REALLY an offense he can be punished for, or is it just prison myth?

  45. ii just wondering it like comment with everyone that has alot of problems at jail or prison dont u think that the person u are hiring need to be more invegatorok they go to policae school and maybe become peace or jailer well look around what going on with all the ppl now the women getting rape the men getting beat and some of the men get beat so bad that they get kill but that affect familys and everyone esle i live in ga and the jail where is here it has happen couple times in just few month and some in this pass year for intmates getting assulting or rape or whatever esle for nothign they did so i think the person doing the hiring on these ppl need to really more look in to the life history it just like gettign job at store u got have bad ground and drug screen they do too and some place really inforse that that just my opion anyway

  46. I was incarcerated about 4-5 years ago after being abused by my ex boyfriend. He had lied and told the police that I had made his fist bloody… and he had actually punched the ceiling. Yeah, and they believed it. We both went to jail, since they couldn’t determine the aggressor. While incarcerated in the Las Vegas jail, I was met by some highly abusive correction offers. I know this because I had been studying abuse to escape my own situation.

    After being brought out of the holding cell into a new room, we had some “free time”. The correction officers had announced that they were handing out needed supplies (such as toothbrushes, soap, combs, etc..) and to line up if you need anything. Well, I had noticed a pile of pillows among all the other supplies they were handing out, and I did not receive a pillow because they were “out”.

    I stood in line waiting my turn quietly and patiently. When I got to the front of the line, I was standing before a large black male. He proceeded to ask me “what do you need?” I then responded with “well they didn’t have any pillows when I was brought up here, so I was hoping to get one.” He looked at me with this deep look of concern and said “Awe, you don’t have a pillow?” I said “no”. He then responded with “Too bad! NEXT!” I looked at him for a second and said “are you serious?” He then said “did I stutter, NEXT!” So I turned around and walked away.

    Not even an hour later I was walking to the water fountains by the showers as he eyeballed me; I looked back at him. He then asked me with a very stern voice “do you have a problem?” I responded with “No, I just don’t respect you.” This had instantly infuriated the correction officer as he started screaming at me and correction officers from all corners run to HIS rescue tackling me; I hadn’t even raised my voice.

    I immediately tried to explain myself, but was told to “shut up”. I tried to plead with them to stop, was told to “shut up” again. I started crying, and they decided to throw me against the wall and threaten to pepper spray me, when I had begged them not to because I was doing everything they asked! I did say it loud enough for the other inmates to hear, because I KNEW what was going on wasn’t right. But it only got worse.They then decided to drag me into the room I was staying… by the neck of my clothes… holding me into the air… my toes barely touching the ground.

    Once in the room, they surrounded me in a very small diameter, and a female correction officer told me to fold my sheets, and if I touched a single one of them with the sheet while doing so, they were gonna beat me down. I really started crying and begged them not too because that was IMPOSSIBLE! They just wanted to hurt me, and looked for any reason to do so. That pissed them off… I’m sure it didn’t look good to the camera to beat someone down who is crying. So they grabbed me again, told me I didn’t deserve sheets and that I was going to section 7 with all the other trouble makers like me… “LIKE ME?!” I thought to myself. I have yet to barely even raise my voice or even once said a cuss word. I submitted to everything they requested. When they threw me into the wall, I fell to my knees, when they told me to shut up, I started crying. What had I done so wrong to deserve this abusive treatment?

    When the two male officers came to pick me up to bring me to section 7 (which is the place for the really bad inmates) One of the males had asked me what happened, as soon as I could utter a word out of my mouth, he started laughing. I looked at him confused, but he wasn’t making eye contact with me, he was looking at the other correction officer and proceeded to say “look, she’s telling me like I give a shit.” Okay, now that is just fucked up! I had mentioned pressing charges when I got out, and the correction officer laughed more and responded with “I’d like to see that”.

    So I get thrown into section 7 to where I was further treated like a trouble maker (like dog shit)… all for just saying I didn’t respect a correction officer (in a calm manner). Who also laughed as all this was happening to me. I ended up crying myself to sleep.

    At around 5am an officer opened my door and told me that it was time for me to leave– ALL CHARGES HAD BEEN DROPPED! He told me that I would of been out sooner if I hadn’t acted up. I kept my mouth shut only because I was leaving… because at that point I was ready to explode!

    What I believe happened here, was a mental abuse called “crazy making”. It’s when an officer tries to arouse an inmate by saying nasty stuff, or just messing with their head to get them upset, and once they are upset… it gives them an excuse to get physical. But because I kinda saw it for what it was while it was happening, I tried my hardest not to let them touch me in a way I didn’t deserve. I already didn’t deserve how I was being treated.

    All-in-all, the corrections officers did more to me than what I was in jail for. I was the one treated like shit. Nothing short of traumatizing. I still am haunted with the memories.

    …How is this correct?

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  49. The individual worked at the Topeka Correctional facility as a laundry supervisor

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  51. A retired New York State Corrections head is trying to get Paul Sleeman off with a lighter sentence than his 3 year sentence reduced already from 30 years. Only reason is that he bought his brother Dan and his basketball team lunch and Dan contacted him to reduce the sentence. Their father George is a felon himself having embezzled from the Bennington Vermont school district years ago while superintendent there. Paul is serving time for trying to sell handguns to an FBI agent for money to impress his wealthy Mexican wife. End the patronage gravy train and let him serve his already reduced time like any other convicted felon.

  52. I am a worried mother and want to know where to go first with this problem. On 4/30/12@ 8:00 pm inmate’s cell block was approached by two (Black) officers who said they were going to lock down and do 30 min. cell breaks (which means 30 min. lock down and 5 min. breaks to pop open cell doors so inmates can go to the bathroom). This is a procedure that is not consistently done in this cell block. As a result there were many obscene comments given to these two officers by the inmates as they expressed their anger at being locked out of their cells. My son (White and this is not the issue totally) told the one officer that in a respectful manner that he did not think what he was doing with the bathroom rights was appropriate for those who needed to use it more often. This officer grabbed my son, handcuffed him behind his back and moved him down the hall. When asked where he was going he yelled “just follow my order and walk”. He took him away from the others to a holding cell and shut him inside for 40-45 min. After that time my son yelled out to the CEO to come and talk to him about why he was being put in the cell as he did not feel he did anything wrong, he did not disrespect him. The CEO and another officer opened the door came inside and told him he was going to the hole and he would write him up for insighting a riot, disobeying an officer and any other charges he could put on him. My son told him he did not disrespect him in any way and did not cause a riot at all. These officers said they could say and do anything they wanted to do since who would believe him as an inmate? On officer said “I have a car payment, I have a mortgage payment and I have a family. I will do what I have to do to keep it all.” This answer was perplexing to my son and again he told him that he did not do anything to warrant going to the hole or being placed in the holding cell. The two officers went out of the cell for a few moments and returned with smiles on their faces. One officer threw a $100 bill on the table and asked my son if he would like that. It could belong too him if he told him some names of other CEO’s who are bringing drugs, cell phones and tobacco inside to inmates. My son told him that he does not hang out in those circles and had a job inside, visits with his son and family and minded his own business. The officer said “well then you are going to the hole”. Again my son told him that he didn’t understand anything that was going on. The officer asked him “what are you going to do for me if I let you go back to your pod?” My son said he didn’t know what he meant as he didn’t have anything only a TV. The officer laughed and said he didn’t want his F…. TV, how much money do you make? My son told him and he said how much time do you have left and my son told him. He said for the next 365 days I own you and if you don’t have names for me by mid May I am going to come inside of your cell and F… you and your property up and put so many charges on you that you won’t see your son for years and years. As he was taken back to his cell these officers made my son look like he was a snitch. Yesterday these officers went inside of an inmates cell and searched and told that inmate that my son sent him in there. No my son is in harms way, his life is in jeopardy as a snitch and he is not sure what will happen next. He was minding his own business, a model inmate, and these two officers have slandered his name inside, made him fearful that people think he is a snitch and is waiting for mid May to arrive and all of the threats these two made to him begin to happen. I want to know who to contact about this internal situation. I want these two officers suspended, investigated and fired immediately and then I will support my son in suing them all. Please advise where to begin. I am going to call the Warden this morning as I am so worried about my son being killed by another inmate because of this situation.

  53. Six months ago I was released from prison after a five year sentence. The number one thing I can tell you is that you won’t win. It’s a sad fact that these officers rule the roost. Here is my story in brief:
    I, too, was a model female inmate. I worked very hard in the dorm for infirmed inmates, pushing wheelchair patients up very steep hills in 100 degree heat, bathing patients, even assisting them with bowel movements. I worked hard. Female inmates are quite vulnerable in a setting dominated by male officers. I encountered a situation where I was assualted by a male officer. The incident was reported on my behalf by two other inmates who witnessed the assault. PREA is supposed to be a big deal. But you know what happened? NOTHING. I wasn’t put into protective custody, nobody even asked me any questions. That officer walked the compound and I was frequently completely alone with him. The assaults continued for several months. You know when they finally placed me into protective custody? When I got pregnant. What happened then was that I was three weeks from going home and all my gain time was threatened because I was told I had an “illicit” affair with that officer and I was the one who should have known better. I either faced 9 additional months in prison or I could go quietly and sign a hold harmless and agree not to sue DOC.
    I come from a good home and good family. I had every reason in the world to go home to my son, so I did what I was told. When I got home that officer looked me up on FaceBook to make sure I terminated my pregnancy. Disgusting.
    The bottom line is that when it is inmate word against an officer’s, well, they are a boys’ club (even the female officers are in the club) and they stick together. I’ve seen them completely fabricate total stories and cross inmates up just because they can.
    If you really want to try to help your son, you can contact the Office of the Inspector General in Tallahassee. Don’t do it at the institutional level because they will just bury it. Explain your concern, they might lock your son down in protective custody while they investigate the matter, but if you complain enough and tell them you are going to the press if they don’t protect your son, then they might transfer him. But just know that once you go down a certain road, he’s going to have a rough row to hoe in there. It’s very sad and I’m very sorry.

  54. My Son is currently incarcerated in the Williamson county jail, Franklin, Tn. My son is only guilty of sleeping in my car, while car was parked. He left car running for Air Conditioner!! Unfortunately, a cop slammed a DUI Charge on my Son for resting in the car!!!! The officer made up a story to cover his butt!!!!
    My son went to court May, 15, 2012. My son did not come home!!!!! He was sent to jail for sleeping in our car!!!!! He is in PC!!!! It is a tiny room where you are locked down 23 hrs. A day!!!! He gets one hour out to shower and if lucky, make a 15 min. Call to me!!!! He does not deserve this!!!!!!!! I am broken down and hurt so bad for my son!!!!! He goes for review Mon. To go to regular Jail Population!! Right now, he is in the cells next to killers, pedafiles, Serial Rapists, Robbers,etc. Who are awaiting prison!!!!! Those are Very dangerous Criminals, and the Cops, Sheriffs,,etc. Will be held Fullu Responsible if anything happens to my Son, beyond what they have already done to him!!!!!!!!!! My Poor Son is not a Criminal, and they put him in the wrong place!!!!! Please pray for my Son that he will come home soon!!!!
    He is in The Williamson County Jail, in Franklin, Tn. I am sorry, cannot display his name!!!
    God Bless You All!!!!

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  56. Even if you do report prison/jail abouse and crime, it’s such a boys’ club that very rarely anything even gets looked into. It’s very hard to break the code, even for officers who try to report their own.

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  60. My nephew has been incarcerated for nearly a year and one month. He has been to court on several occasions. Within the past two months he has been getting jumped by Correctional Officers while waiting to be called in the queens court house. Since the first incident which occurred on August 11, 2013, the Court Officers have been menacing and physically assaulting him. He has requested medical attention and has been denied. The lawyer whom is representing him is aware and has made the judge aware of the incident and nothing has been done. We are sending letters to elected officials, the media, judge, inspector general and the District Attorney Richard Brown and now you. Please help us combat the abuse that is going on with my nephew and help us seek justice. My nephew was set to be released and now since these incidents has new charges added. My nephew is already mentally disturbed and has been kept in solitary confinement since these incidents. He is now afraid to go to court and is refusing to get on the bus because of the physical abuse and lack of medical care that they are neglecting and denying him. Please call us and help us get justice and have these officers held accountable for their cruel actions. These fears and incidents can cause this young man who is only 21 years old to commit suicide. Please it is an urgent matter and needs immediate attention. Please call me day, noon, night, early in the morning, just please call me, His mother has taken ill behind this she is afraid that she is going to have to bury her son before she is buried. The situation is really bad and very critical at this point as another incident took place today and once again the medical care is not being provided because he is an inmate and they are the correctional officers

    • I am so sorry to hear this. I bailed my son out of jail because of a head trauma injury caused by a CO at Detention Center in Dare County. My son now has traumatic brain injury. The best advise I can give you is to try contacting the Prisoner Legal Services in your state. See if they will help. I know they are winning lawsuits for these Prisoners in my state. I hope they will help me with my son’s case. Best wishes and God Bless you and your nephew.

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  62. I was beaten to Lmost dearth by 3 correction officers ion march 24, 2010. They knocked out 4 front reeth

    • I was beaten by 3 correction officers in Riverhad jail on March 7, 2010. They knocked out 4 front teeth. Broke my nose and I lost over 2 pints of blood

  63. SOMERSET, Ky. —Pulaski County paid a former detention center employee $137,500 to settle a lawsuit claiming she was sexually harassed by Jailer Mike Harris.

    Read more:

  64. Hello , my name is Johnnie Tatum and I would like to speak to one of your team members regarding an ethics and family violence presentation. This presentation is to help decrease drug, contraband trafficking and violence in side the prison’s.

  65. Two guards at Dixon correctional institute is constantly picking with my son , who is a inmate .They are constantly writing him up,keeping him in lock down. His good time was also revoked. I having been trying to talk to someone ,but no answers,no returned calls.

  66. You don’t have to worry about it because soon these usurpers of authority will have hijacked your entire country. When that happens we’ll have thug law galore, and similar to today’s
    standards only high class criminals will get away with anything.

    Social order? Survival of the fittest? How about corruption / status / privilege of position?

    Can’t you see that nobody is going to do anything to restore justice? Injustice is convenient, rewarding, and lucrative. I’m waiting for the thugs in blue to come beat my ass right now. I’m already being hacked, censored, under 24/7 surveillance. My fellow Americans and Patriots are being audited, blacklisted, persecuted, detained through the kangaroo courts,
    disappearing, suiciding themselves,
    getting in car accidents, plane crashes,
    and other miscellaneous accidents every time they challenge the status quo.

    I probably need 30 years in solitary, until I learn to control my tongue. I’m sure most can be battered into submission if they don’t want to cooperate.

    Predictions for the future anyone?

  67. I want to share a story of prison rape in new mexico it happened to my friend and the cibola county DA still has not prosecuted the guard. CCA women’s prison was overcrowded in 2013. The corrections dept tranferred about 40 of us women to western nm correctional facility. There was so much corruption and staff inmate contact. It seemed like the mail guards went wild and believe me all the staff knew about these incidents. In march 2013 my friend was taking a shower in a seprate shower area and prison guard rapheal cox went in there when he wasnt supposed to and raped her. She was so scared to tell anyone she was getting out in October and cox threatened to keep her in prison and make life hell for her with her probation officer if she did get out. From march to september he raped her about 30 times. He was even so bold to come in our housing trailor wake her up and make her go to our restroom. She used to dred seeing him work our unit. She would cry but she just wanted to go home. So she kept a journal of all the things he told her and did to her with dates and times of all the incidents. Also other inmates seen this and reported it and stg did two investigations over that 6 month period and they say they found nothing. Mind you the head of stg and Cox’s were good friends. I hated seeing him come in about two in the morning and wake her up to go to the restroom. How could the guards and supervisors watching the camera not see this sick disgusting guard do this? Constantly and of course staff members knew about it. There was two other rape incidents going on during that time. Well ultimatly In September major Castillo called her out handcuffed and said the warden wanted to see her. Well from what she told me the warden and assistant warden said that she was having a relationship with their officer. They told her they were watching the cameras and seen cox go to her bed. But why didn’t the get him? They accused her of ruining his family and blamed her.she said they called the rape crisis center and made a report. They then transferred her back to the woman’s prison and put her on mental health watch. Why? She was the victim. Meanwhile they called the state police who crime scened off our whole unit with yellow tape for 10 hours and searched our stuff. They interogatted all of us woman. Can you believe the warden wrote her a displinary report for it. Again she is the victim. Channel 4 this officer still hasn’t been charged oh they fired him but no charges. We had to pay for our crimes he should pay for his. How could they the staff who are to protect let her get raped for 6 months blame her for it god only knows what she was going through inside and then write her up. Which by the way cca womans threw it out. In her 5 years of time she was a model inmate never had a write up until those jerks. For god sakes she worked for the chief of security at the women’s. She was always around staff. She was a privelged inmate so she had no history of the conduct wnmcf wrote her up for. She has been tortured ever since. Greg mercantell came to the crime scene and he did nothing. The head of corrections did nothing. At cca this once privleged inmate was now an outcast treated awful by staff.for what? She was repeatedly raped 6 months incidents all logged down. Did they even bother to review the cameras? I wanted to call the news they wouldn’t let us. Nmdoc kept it quiet. Well this happens all the time and nothing happens to the guard he’s protected. What about my friend who takes medication now when she never did? She goes to consueling every week. Who has so many issues because of this tramatic experience. This guard cox threatned to hurt her family if she here it is over a year later and no justice. My heart breaks for her. She is not at all like she use to be. Channel 4 you are the only one I’m sharing this story with and I pray she doesn’t get angry with me but as I look at all the corruption and staff inmate rapes in the new Mexico

  68. There is no longer any question about it.
    Corruption and psychological abuse is rampant in America. The injustice system has been thoroughly and systematically hijacked and corrupted.
    You can no longer even find an attorney who’s willing to risk his/her career and life to fight these crooks and their mafia.
    This is no longer conspiracy as the evidence is overwhelming. This corruption stretches through every city,
    branch of Government, court house, abc agency, and their watch men. They all cover for each other and their paychecks. In order to maintain this system collusion on a massive scale has occurred. This fraud being perpetrated deliberately reaches to the upper echelons of this criminal regime. They always say one thing and do another. They have mastered the art of deception and disinformation. Therefore all hope for change always turns out to be a sick lie perpetuated by career criminals and their privileged lackeys.

    The only solution is a change in human nature and consciousness, which I don’t expect to witness anytime soon. They hide behind Jesus while doing the Devils
    work. The one thing that never changes is their lust for greed, control, power, drama, materialism, status, monetary gain. Human nature hasn’t changed since man has walked the earth. This is his disease and inherent part of who and what he really is.

    Narcissistic, predatory, parasitic, cannibalistic, dependants, with me mentality. This is of course why the most arrogant, sociopaths, psychopaths, Narcissistic are so successful. They are attracted to power like flies are attracted to shit. It is who they are, and I’m afraid talking about it isn’t going to help any of us. When they are by nature the most violent, sadistic,
    predatory, con artists and professional liars, they have invested everything to attain their authority and will not willingly relinquish any of their power.
    History is full of evidence to support these claims. These psycho’s are living solely for ego and material gain. Dealing with them can only result in disappointment. In a normal society I would urge you to contact the authorities. In this society the Authorities are bought and paid for, and your complaints only make matters worse. The criminal regime hates competition, and could care less about Justice.

    Good luck



  71. My brother was arrested aprox 7 months ago for driving he is a habitual motor vechil offender he has never harmed anyone or public he was not drunk just driving trying to get his job back anyway for about 4 months he has told his family he has been hurting an real bad sick they sent him to their nurse an they did nothing he already has pan k ritual now they sent him to hospital today nurse called the family an said he has 0a tumor on his liver but we weren’t allowed to talk to him or see him and that he was going to be sent to a hospital in Nashville but they didn’t know which hospital it would be left up to the sherrif dept. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t be sent where they could help him the most such as Vanderbilt this tumor has went undetected for 4 months now because they wouldn’t send him to the hospital until he got this bad my mother is 80 years old an has recently had 2 heart attack an traveled 200 miles to see her baby son an when we got there she wasn’t allowed to see him this has caused her more medical problems all because she did not have a picture I d this is so red icons now they won’t let anyone talk to him on the phone I don’t understand why they would be so cruel who knows if either of th will see tom .if my brother had harmed someone I could kinda understand but this is no way to treat another human being what is wrong with this police dept that they wouldn’t let a mother talk to her only son before one of them dies god forbid I do not understand this at all I will pray for them

  72. They are busy culling the tax payers now. What a fine group of public servants we have.

  73. Franklin correctional facility located in carrabelle,florida are abusing inmates regarding their meals they are entitled too three meals a day. You get the new c/o in and they are aware of the what”s right and wrong you take a oath to ensures,safe,and comply not following the bad apples of the flock. Having them stand out in the heat,cold,rain you know this causes sicknesswith inmates. Or they get threathen by saying you”re spend 30,60,90 days inconfinement. Department of corrections has too get a better grip on those sour ass c/o”s before major law suits be filed with this sort of treatment at this facility. The warden if down with is BS she need her ass fired as well.

  74. I was accused of removing trees from property adjoining that which I was working on, a forestry officer came to my home and informed me of the accusation and ask if I had a copy of the platt and I showed him the copy I had and he left to investigate, upon returning to my home he told me I had not cut any on the accusers property.I had to call cops a few days later when my wife and I caught the accuser stealing my chains, after the cop arrived and my observing that my chains were gone my wife and I informed the officer that we had both saw him with the chains in hand and that we were going to get a warrant the accuser was informed of our intent he then told the cop where he had put them and the cop retrieved them. The accuser then filed a civil suit alledging the theft of trees and hired someone privately to assess the number of trees and took myself and the lady I was working for who owned the property beside his to court. The forestry officer along with another cop who was not the cop dispatched for the call I made both testified against me and I didn’t get a lawyer though my employer did, she was acquitted and I was allowed to question the cop and I ask him if he had to go on the accusers property to get my chains he had stolen and the cop said yes and I replayed “no you did not in fact you were not the officer dispatched the day my chains were stolen and returned” and I told the court that I was certain the records would prove it. The cop perjured himself and it was pointed out to the judge and I was found to owe a judgment of over 5000 dollars even though it was also made known that the accuser doesn’t have a survey on file nor has he ever had a survey of his land. There is no platt on record for his property. After ruling the judge told me I could appeal and the accusers lawyer came over and told the lawyer my employer hired that both the forestry officer and the county cop were paid 250 dollars by the accuser to testify against me. I went to the clercks office to file an appeal and was told “you have to pay the amount of the judgment before you can appeal” how could this be possible if this is as I believe bribery I would be glad to give more details.

  75. One thing that I will never understand is why a man is protected by a badge when he himself should be behind bars. My ex boyfriend is a correction officer in the Philadelphia Federal prison and is the most corrupt person I know. He has done horrible things to women and brags about them knowing according to him “at the end of the day he wears the badge and he’s walking free”. He would say that to me over and over again. He became physically and emotionally abusive to me and I could and can do nothing about it. He had the perfect set up that made me look crazy. He’s constantly telling me that I’m worthless and I’m a disgusting bitch and it gets to me. It’s like the more he hurts me the more I run to him bc I feel like he’s all I can get. When I finally had enough one time after beating me and threatening to kill me I got a restraining order and that did nothing . He still showed up and threatened to kill me if I didn’t drop it. So I went to a judge and lied and said I just wanted to drop it. He then decided he wanted two girls in his life and I was forced to sleep with him and another . After being smacked in a parking lot months later I had enough. I went to get a restraining order and press charges but this time he countered making and claiming me to be crazy. Before court he showed up to my house laughing saying he was always going to win and that if I don’t drop it today that he would make sure I lost my teaching job. So of course I lied again and dropped it. My lives been hell and he hides behind a badge. He forces me to get an abortion and watched me cry the entire procedure of it. He’s heartless and ruthless . This is the man that went over seas and bragged about rapping woman when he was in the military police . He’s never going to be stopped . I tried dating someone else and he showed up at my house at 1am causing a huge scene . He then contacted that man and told him I have aids and the man never came back around. He then told me he owns me and it’ll always be like this. I could literally go on and on but I won’t. I know that one day I’m going to end up missing and no one will ever find me and he will walk away free all because he wears a badge…

  76. I was dating a correctional officer come to find out her boss the warden was via texting her naked pictures of himself along with them 2 having a affair. I was arrested while in custody at their jail the judge put on mittimus defendent SHOULD NOT be held at their jail! I was held 8 more days in seg with a openly gay sentenced inmate, in that time a co involved in my arrest came to my cell and said I’m gonna ruin your life and get you put in gang seg forever ..there was multiple other incidents in those 8 days before transfer cell phone had pictures of the naked wardens pictures he sent my cheating girlfriend, the phone took 2 months to return and it was fried It won’t power on . The security division is investigating Hopefully they review camars. There was also a state investigater that got witnesss statements how the correctional worker said I finally got him arrested and will make sure I stay there, he’s the one that went to my cell etc.. this girl I was with was sexting other officers and had multiple affairs while on the clock. Unbelievable but true this is I ly a brief summary… Ct correctional system…

  77. over 50 love letters between male prisoner and female guard in New Jersey State Prison state does not want to pursue it would rather pay a pension and have it go away what should I do? have evidence over 3 years working with the Department of Corrections and Department of Justice and was told nothing can be done I’ve contacted everybody from the president on down who will help me correct a crime.

  78. Scott county Missouri inmates are being beaten and sexually assaulted u corrections officers and administration is not answering to inmates complaints
    The inmates are told if they tell great harm and possible death will come to them
    There have been people found hanging in there cell

  79. Corporal Nicole Brooks of BCCX (Bledsoe County Correctional Complex) is an avid drug user and hence has wild mood swings. She takes out her mood on inmates for no reason. She is also smuggling in drugs for certain inmates to use & sell.
    She needs to be drug tested asap, and you will see I am telling the truth.

  80. On a visit with my boyfriend at the Souza baranowski correctional center in mass, one correctional officer, Martinez, targeted us. First he continuously told us to keep our backs on our chairs disturbing us repeatedly. Then purposely put another visit right next to us so we didn’t have any privacy in our conversation at all, making our visit horrible. So, I asked another officer, which happened to be the sargeant, if we could move because we were the only ones who had another visit right next to us. He agreed and moved us. Then my bf tells me Martinez threatened to write him up and could possibly go to the hole. All because we were standing up for ourselves!!

  81. I was in jail at the Nye county Detention center in Pahrump ,Nv.I fell asleep in the day room, blanket over my head a bit, and all of a sudden I get called for court.I hand my blanket to my cellie and ask to throw it on my bed, get to the door were the co is , and I say ,shit I got to use the bathroom I got to piss.The co says no I say come on man pleaselet me go piss im not in my 20s no more were.i can hold it, I can’t hold it like that anymore im 57yearsold . He was starting to put the chains on now I keep telling him to please let me use the rest room he tells me no again, I keep pleading withhim to let me use the rest room, to no avail.
    So I hold it as long as I could about 1.5hours then I get up wile
    Court is still going tell the co to hand me the trash can , there was a plastic liner in it toohe would not give it to me, he just smiled. So iwent into the hall way and pissed a puddle about 5feet by 5feet 1/2inch thick.Two court employees were leaving to go home fore h the day they looked at me and then the puddle on the floor and started to smirk and smi I was so embarrassed, then the judge Margaret Whittaker dismissed the inmates to go back to our units.All the females were looking and laughing at me., the same with the men I had to listen to everyone making fun of me.When I get back the unit the men tell the other men what had happened, and they all start laughing at me again allstartothey

  82. I was in jail at the Nye county Detention center in Pahrump ,Nv.I fell asleep in the day room, blanket over my head a bit, and all of a sudden I get called for court.I hand my blanket to my cellie and ask to throw it on my bed, get to the door were the co is , and I say ,shit I got to use the bathroom I got to piss.The co says no I say come on man pleaselet me go piss im not in my 20s no more were.i can hold it, I can’t hold it like that anymore im 57yearsold . He was starting to put the chains on now I keep telling him to please let me use the rest room he tells me no again, I keep pleading withhim to let me use the rest room, to no avail.
    So I hold it as long as I could about 1.5hours then I get up wile
    Court is still going tell the co to hand me the trash can , there was a plastic liner in it toohe would not give it to me, he just smiled. So iwent into the hall way and pissed a puddle about 5feet by 5feet 1/2inch thick.Two court employees were leaving to go home fore h the day they looked at me and then the puddle on the floor and started to smirk and smi I was so embarrassed, then the judge Margaret Whittaker dismissed the inmates to go back to our units.All the females were looking and laughing at me., the same with the men I had to listen to everyone making fun of me.When I get back the unit the men tell the other men what happened .About two hours laterthe same co came and took meto the hole. No disinplary was written on me fo the pissin on the floor, foure write ups turning around and begging to use the bathroom. I got six mounth in the hole for that . Can I sue the co personally? ?? And the jail too, the county also . Waiting on your reply t

    Thank you very much

    David. Bandazian

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  85. My fiance is divorced from a CO in watertown NY. Since weve gotten together, all he has done is try to make my life a living hell. He is a avid heroin abuser and is conatantly on time abuse with the state. My fiances kids live with me and my fiance. Since weve started dating, he has tried convincing his kids to tell people i toiched them inappropriately (which i immediately called CPS when i heard this and they interviewed the girls and discovered HE was telling them to say it…. keep in mind the girls are 2, 4 and 11.) The man pays no child support and is proud of this aspect. He has tried threatening me (to coax him into a fight so he could have me arrested) he has made fake facebook accounts and tried showing his ex wife a bunch of posts that he made and not me. He is in deep with people who sell drugs according to numerous friends of his and all of a sudden wants custody of his kids. We went to court yesterday and he started lying in court saying ive been arrested for drugs and and use all the time. None of this is remotely close to true. Its one thing after another with this lunatic and im at my wits end of trying to figure out how to deal with him. I feel because he is a CO, that im much more limited as to what i can do and frankly? Im not sure what to do. If anyone can help me, please let me know. Thanks.

  86. My son is currently in a N.W. Fl. Prison, where a Srgt. took a dislike to his tatoos and has threatened with horrific @ disgusting retaliation. I, as a parent, will NOT let this go!

  87. A correctional officer told me that if everything on that paper was correct to sign the paper it was a paper stating my properties. After informing the correctional officer that my Galaxy Note 4 was not on the piece of paper. She said “I’m tired sick of ya s***” after realizing I was getting taken tossed around put in handcuffs very tightly and a rough housed I realized I was being brought to whole different section. They were bringing me into a solitary confinement wild screaming at me and yelling at me pinning me against the wall yelling at me to “put my hands against the wall put my hands against the wall! ” my hands were still in handcuffs they were twisting and turning my wrists I said “i’m in handcuffs” and she then corrected herself yelling “I said your f*****g knees!” Kneeing me in the back of ny legs to kneel while they still have and my face pinned against the wall. They took my cuffs off and said “stay with your face against the wall until you hear the door slam”. After I began to cry praying to God to help me understand why they beat me up ? Why did the correctional officer take offense to me saying my phone was not on my property list ? As a human being that suffers from depression I felt like crap I am in shock and I was scared for my life until the moment I was outside of orange county jail. I never believed this the news it was serious but now it is real to me personally. After leaving the jail and posting bail the next day once leaving the jail I went to the hospital and I have multiple contusions, neck strain, head injury and nonstop headaches.

  88. November 1, 2016 my son was beaten by a Bergen County Correction Office because the officer gave his commissary to another inmate and my son asked him why and the officer said because he can. My son request to speak to his superior and the officer refuse to do. He was in protected custody only to get hurt by a officer. He was taken to Hackensack hospital in New Jersey were he was treated for a head wound, which he have five stitches over his eye. Then they tried to cover it up by moving him to Essex County Jail. Not to mention that the charge he is accused of committing was proven by camera it was not him, but due to the tricks of integrations for two days and nights without any legal representation or given a phone call he give them information about other things because our family was being threaten and was told he have to take this charge. But the camera did show it was not him. He spent two years in jail and only one week in trial with was not open to the public and they found him guilty and did not get the other young man who said he did this crime. I spoke to the leading Detective a few times about my family safety only to get there and they tried to make my husband and I identify people in the pictures. Which we was down there to talk with them about our safety they promised my son if he help them. So now they going to sentence him to 30 years for something he didn’t not do and they did not gathered up all his witness, other camera that shows his whereabouts around the time of the killing. They didn’t arrest the one guy who played a big part in this case and another way with another boy who is being charge for this crime alone. The Detective knows this guy and been to his home, but still free. I really need help to clear my son name. And how do I go about getting help concerning the Correction Officers. I have hospital bills which they don’t know I have. My sons life is being taken from him. I could not afford him a Lawyer and feel this is why this happen. They concerned about closing a case and I do under that, but it was not my son who did this. ..Please help prevent direct me to help his case.

  89. Back in 2005 five I was in the Sacramento jail as tang was taking of my shackles he proceeded to rub my leg up to my private area and I’ve been told he did this to a lot of women,he always flirted and made nasty comments wen I was on my way to court.officer tang controlled the jail tanks were inmates awaited there name for court,and on my Jay up the stairs after tang unlocked cell he followed behind me up the stairs acting to help me so I didn’t fall and touching me at same time and there are never anyone on the stairs very private.I’d like to be apart of this and come forward now that I no there is something I can do about it,who do I call where should I give my state ment ,thanks Tamar d.

  90. i commend you on voicing this!!!!:)
    It is a start:) I’m sorry to hear this!!
    in fact, it outrages me and you have every right to be upset and angry!!
    it’s fucking wrong, cut and dry!!!!
    I know how corrupt the motherfuckers are!!!! yea!! I’m very aware of corrupt piggatios!! ps..stay safe:) I hope and pray you will not have to be subjected to this BS. anymore!!!! you are the victim here!! If your message made it to me, then, thousands of others have seen your post…That took a lot courage on your part:)) Take care and don’t ever give up hope:) you r important!!

  91. Suffolk county N.Y. riverhead/yaphank correctional facilities inmate abuse via medical/ correction officer abuse. I have not been able to visit my son since October 2016 due to he is unable to walk to visiting room. He was kicked by a sergeant officer. He has been complaining of weakness in pain to his extremities. The medical department is doing nothing to help him they act as though they are correction officers. My son has lost over 40los since arrival April 2016. I don’t. Want my son to be another statistic. I would like for him to be given the proper medical attention he deserves. He is a human being. He also has family that loves him. I have contacted everyone involved with corrections including warden. My son is getting worse everyday and no one is listening. Your help with this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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  105. My son is incarcerated at franklin correction bunn nc. On June 1st 2017 he has always been harassed by this guard but on this particular day, the guard along with 2 others woke him up stripped his bed n locker finding nothing.then took him to bathroom where no videos are and while in handcuffs guard Gregor glendale arquell beat his head reputiciously into the concrete wall leaving nose and ears bleeding.his face was immediately unrecognizable.they finally took him to hospital where mri showed fresh bleeds and was put in the hole and remains there as of today 58 days but charged him with nothing til 2.5 weeks 30 min b4 my visit claiming he swung at if that happened why did the other 2 guards peppers pray or taze him.guard arguello refused 2 take him to ER but other officers said they had too.I finally get call from another inmate letting me know and when I went to see him 3weeks after incident his eardrums were still black n whole face a phlebotomist I know how bad he must have been beaten to still be black n yellow.I’m beyond pissed.bad enough we have to worry bout inmates beating eachother but staff?? This is not a joke.crazy thing is my son remains in the hole bc he plead not guilty and it’s under investigation yet the guard for 1 week was placed in tower house with loaded guns but now remains his normal duties interacting with the does this happen.I also will say without using names bc we need more good guards like these but I was told this arguello has used his authority in abusive ways several times with others and always got away with it.not this time bc mr.arguello I will stop at nothing until your punished and hopefully charges will be brough against you for aggravated assault causing significant life threatening abuse and violence towards my son.
    Kimberly r mcgehee

  106. My son was brutally beaten by guard GREGOR GLENN ARQUELLO at Franklin correction Bunn infuriated at that fact that that other guards have told me he has done this multiple times 2 multiple inmates and prison protects him and he’s never been not going to stop until appropriate measurements have been taken to assure this never happens again.he beat the wrong ones son this time.he claims 3wks after the incident on June 4 2017 that my son swung at him which is not true bur even if it were he made no contact with the officer and 2 other guards were standing there so if he had of swung at guard…they would have lit him up with pepper spray or tazed him.insread he handcuffed him and repeadetaviley beat his head inti o concrete sons face was immediately black n eyes swollen shut with blood coming from nose and ears leading him 2 hospital where MRI revealed fresh blood in head and suffered while under investigation bc my son of course plead not guilty to swinging at him they have kept my son in the hole for 60 days, yet officer arguello was removed from yard and put in tower house with loaded guns for a week but then resumed his normal duties.why is this? Why wasn’t that guard sent home while investigation was ongoing yet my son’s still being punished but hasn’t been found guilty.i will stop at nothing to see to it that this officer pays for his actions.anyone with any help on doing so please feel free to contact me by
    Thank you so much.we the people and families of these inmates need to fight for their rights.this is untollerable and there should be reprucussions

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  109. To whom it may concern: I previously worked in a healthcare for a state correctional system. I was charged and convinced of insurance fraud relating to an insurance policy for my father. The check circumstances had absolutely not thing to do with employment. In addition I was NOT a correctional officer. My case appeared on in 2009 article in your publication. Since that incident in 2009, I have paid served my sentence, paid restitution and received a pardon from the state of South Carolina. I have been denied employment because your article appears I. Searches of my name. I respectfully ask that you remove the article from your site. Thank you
    Russell Campbell

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